Saturday, November 3, 2012

Song Review: Hyuna's "Ice Cream"

HyunA makes a hot comeback with her new mini album "Melting". The album consist of five songs and the title track "Ice Cream." This new hit song has reached 20 million views on YouTube in just 10 days. Although this song has reached popularity and broken a record by receiving the most views in the quickest amount of time by a K-pop artist, I honestly did not like it. 

The song:

The song is very upbeat, and I admit it is catchy, but it's was not the song that I would like to listen to. It has meaningless lyrics, not to mention the word "cream" is overused. Throughout the whole song is basically mostly a girl talking about how great she is, comparing herself to ice cream, and how she can "Melt you down like Ice cream". I don't mind that it has those type of lyrics, it's just the lack of verses. As I looked deeper into the lyrics, I realized that this song has a lot of repetition. I feel like she only says five sentences throughout the whole song. 

The MV:

I am not going to lie, I think the MV really fits the song because like the lyrics it's meaningless.  In other words it doesn't really make any sense. The first thing you see in the MV is "Gangnam Style"'s PSY walking up to a very big and colorful ice cream truck. He walks in, gets a vanilla ice cream, and starts to devour it. That's when you spot HyunA yelling at him for eating her ice cream. 

There is some kind of protest going on. The people are holding up signs that says "Ha Ha Ha" and "Batman he is gone" during the protest, while she is driving her big ice cream truck she runs over a clown. Then they cheer and all the guys runs towards her. 

Spraying people with liquid ice cream? I don't know what to say. 

The bubble bath scene was not needed. 

I don't even know what this scene has to do with the song.  Nothing to do with ice cream.

The dance to this MV follows along the same line as her dance in "Bubble Pop." I don't mind the whole sexy dancing, but she could have thought of something else. This dance has that whole "get on the floor" and a lot of "body movements".


This song is upbeat and any upbeat song to me is catchy. The first time I heard this song was going to be released, I thought of something cute, fun, and sweet like ice cream, but my guess was way off. Even though I was very very wrong the song and dance didn't surprise me at all. It was most likely expected. 

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  1. Nice job on this song review Pratichhya! Your writing has improved here. I like how you chose a song you have mixed-negative reactions of instead of just a song you liked so you could critique it. The subtle sarcastic tone was a nice touch, I like your screenshots with the captions! :)

    I agree with your thoughts on this song. Hyuna is so not winning any respect on my part. Her record company needs to stop making her degrade herself.

    Keep up the good work!!