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Our Little Heaven Chapter 4

 Discovering Danny  
 It's Saturday morning, and Niki had just returned from the photoshoot. "Ugh," groaned Niki as she threw herself onto her bed and kicked off her heels. With the comfort of her soft bed and her feet now free from the restricting and painful high heels, she let out a sigh of relief.

She laid there motionless while staring at the ceiling and soon she was drifting off. She had been up since 4 in the morning preparing for the shoot and had spent the entire day so far on set, so she was sore to the bone. You would think that simply posing and smiling in front of a camera would be easy, but it's less than glamorous when you're stuck doing it for 7 hours straight.

Just when she was about to fall asleep, a loud beeping sound woke her up from her trance. She rolled over to her stomach and grabbed her phone. It was the alarm that she set to remind her of her tutoring session with Danny.

Great...I forgot about Dummy. Niki slumped down on her pillow, ruffled her hair, and let out a sigh of frustration before lugging herself out of bed.

Danny's house was a short 15 minutes away by bus and soon Niki found herself standing in front of his door ringing the door bell excessively. She had been standing there for at least 3 minutes knocking and ringing the door bell, yet there was no response.

"Where is that guy! I'm sleep deprived and the last thing he wants to do is blow me off. So help me I'll..." Niki ranted angrily. In the middle of her rant, she noticed that in the corner of her eye a little boy riding past on his tricycle had stopped and stared at her wide-eyed. She let out an awkward smile and waved lightly at the boy. "Hi..." she said softly.

"Mom! There's a weird lady yelling at a door!" yelled the little boy as he peddled off as fast as he could.

Niki sighed. "Great...for my future resume I can put yelling at doors and scaring kids," she muttered.

"Don't forget talking to yourself," a voice behind her added. Startled, she turned around to see Danny leaning against the door ruffling his hair. Danny was in a white T-shirt and sweatpants. From the looks of it, he had just woken up.

Niki gave him an annoyed look. She stood there for 3 minutes and he picked the most awkward moment to open the door?! "So, what are you doing here? Besides scaring my neighbors...and my door..." Danny asked.

"I was scheduled to teach a monkey how to read," Niki said smiling innocently at Danny.

"I know how to read!" protested Danny.

"Oh! So you're the monkey?" Niki teased as she slipped by Danny and into the house. Danny closed the door behind her and gave her a scowl.

  The inside of Danny's house gave Niki quite a surprise. It was nothing like she had imagined it would be. It was a relatively small house with a square design and you could see everything form the door way. The house gave off an aura of simplicity with its plain cream colored walls decorated with only a few family photos. It was almost a complete contrast to Danny's loud and (according to Niki) obnoxious personality.

What surprised Niki the most however, was how religious the family seemed to be. Besides family pictures and a  the only other decorations were religious symbols such as: a small statue of the Virgin Mary, several crosses scattered about the rooms, and a set of bibles.

 "So...." Danny said interrupting Niki from her train of thoughts. "Umm...can you wait for me in my room? I'll catch up with you in a bit," he said.

"Ok..." Niki said, still somewhat distracted.

"My room is the second one on the left," said Danny, and with that he ran off into the bathroom.

Niki walked down the narrow hallway and into the room instructed. She continued to be surprised by her surroundings. Danny's room was no exception to the rest of the house, it was equally simple and organized. The room only had a computer desk, a dresser, and a bed. What intrigued her was the level of organization; she was half expecting to be drowned in dirty laundry and magazines, yet everything was placed neatly in its respectable place.

Niki grabbed a seat at Danny's desk and tried to take in what she had seen.

"Hey," Danny said coming into the room.

"Hey..." Niki replied giving Danny an intrigued look.

"What... do I have something on my face?" Danny asked turning to a mirror and fixing his hair.

Well, he's still normal as he can be at least, Niki thought to herself as she rolled her eyes at Danny's vain action.

"It's just that I expected your house to be something...different," Niki replied.

"Oh? Like what, studded door, provocative posters, a gun?" Danny joked.

"Yes," Niki said looking at Danny with a straight face.

Danny stared back at her and there was a moment of awkward silence.

Niki let out a chuckle and said playfully "I'm joking! But I did expect the posters."

"Well no posters, but I do have some magazines hidden." Danny replied with a wink.

"So um, where's your parents?" Niki asked curiously.

"They're at church." Danny replied "On a Saturday?" Niki asked.

"Yeah, my dad's a pastor so he's up there preparing for tomorrow and my mom's pretty religious too, so she goes up there to help," Danny explained.

"So why aren't you up there helping out?" Niki asked continuing her probing.

"Do I look like I'm into religious stuff?" Danny asked.

"No, but your room says otherwise and you've managed to surprise me so far," Niki replied, frankly.

"Yeah, I just go along with it, whatever makes them happy. If it weren't for them I wouldn't care about all this tutoring stuff and grades...That's why they can't know about what I'm like at school...They'll probably die from disappointment," Danny said unconsciously rambling off.

Niki looked at Danny and for the first time she did so with a serious consideration. He's not as childish and mindless as she thought.

"I'm sure they won't be disappointed least not DIE from it," Niki said kindly.

"Hopefully not...Anyways," said Danny, trying to change the subject. "Let's get to tutoring!...and what not."

"Sure! What do you wanna start with?" Niki replied happy to be moving on, yet still curious to know more about the new side of Danny that she's just discovered.

"Well let's see! I think my weakest subject would be....everything..." Danny said returning to his usual playful tone.

"Let's start with English, from our speaking exercise the other day I swear you were making up your own words," Niki chuckled and replied playfully.

"I was not!" Danny protested. "Really? Then what the heck was mooney (he meant money)" Niki teased.

"What! Didn't I say that right? You know mooney." Danny replied.

Niki laughed at Danny's silliness, this was the longest time she's spent with Danny (the first time she spent with him alone) and to her surprise she didn't feel like killing him. And here I thought I might want to rip his head off have way through.....Maybe this tutoring thing could work, Niki thought as she listened to Danny's hopeless English pronunciation trying not to laugh her head off.


Niki and Danny continued with their lesson while exchanging a few jokes and teasing comments every now and then. They were disrupted by the jingling of keys and a big thump; it was Danny's parents returning home from church. Only then did the two of them check the clock and realized they had spent the last 2 hours together.

"Shen De! We're home! Where are you?" exclaimed a female voice from outside in the living room.

"Oh my parents are home,"said Danny. He got up and walked out to greet them, Niki followed suit.

Niki came out to see a middle-aged couple setting their things down. The woman was petite. She wore a light yellow sun dress with floral designs and her hair was cut in a shoulder-length bob that complemented her soft facial feature. The man was quite tall and thin, his hair was neatly combed in a side part and he had his pastor's suit on.

Danny walked out into the living room to greet them and Niki stayed behind in the hallway.

"Ba, Ma. Welcome home," Danny said.

"Oh there you are sweetie," said Mrs. Wong as she sweetly pat his cheek. Danny bent down to lightly kiss her cheek.

Then Danny's dad came up to him and said, "You should've came, your help would've been appreciated."

"Oh, honey give him a break. It's the weekend he's tired from school, let him have a break." replied Mrs.Wong.

"I'll come next week," Danny said wrapping his arm around his dad's shoulder.

Niki looked in envy as she saw their closeness, her family feels even more cold in comparison.

Danny's mom looked to the side and noticed Niki standing there. She flashed a smile towards Niki and asked, "Oh hello, Shen De who is this?" she asked.

Niki returned the smile and bowed respectfully towards the couple. "Hello uncle, auntie." Niki said.

Danny's dad nudged Danny slightly and teased, "So this is why you didn't want to come."

"Danny's never brought his girlfriend home before! He rarely brings anyone home actually. I was getting worried about him," Danny's mom added, smiling sweetly. She walked toward Niki and gripped her hands lightly, greeting her.

His parent's teasing comments made Danny glow bright red and Niki smiled widely.

"This is Niki, she's my new tutor," Danny clarified to prevent any further comments.

"Oh I see, well I knew your tutor was coming, but I didn't expect such a pretty girl," said Danny's mom.

"I didn't either," mumbled Danny to himself and smiled coyly.

Niki smiled shyly and scratched her head.

"Well, we'll be troubling you with Shen De from now on," said Danny's dad.

"Oh it's no trouble uncle," Niki assured Danny's dad then turned to Danny and asked, "Shen De?"

"It's my Chinese name," Danny replied unwillingly. "Don't you dare tell anyone," he added. He's always been embarrassed of his name; "Shen De", personal virtue, of course his parents would give him such an old fashion name it was so likely of them.

"Don't worry who am I going to tell," Niki replied giving him a wink and mischievous smile.

"So how is the tutoring going? Danny's slow so you'll have to be patient with him," said Danny's mom.

"We're just about done actually. I'm going to pack up now. I should get back home," Niki replied.

"Why don't you join us for dinner?" offered Danny's dad.

"I don't want to impose," Niki replied.

"No it's fine, we insist. Right Shen De?" Danny mom said nudging Danny to support her.

"Yeah, you should," Danny said.

Niki complied and stayed for dinner at Danny's house. They had a plain meal with rice, cabbage soup, fried eggs, and marinated ribs.

Danny's dad told Niki stories about his preaching experience, Danny's mom would tease him for being so geeky and Danny and Niki would burst out in light laughter. The atmosphere was warm and comforting, something Niki had not experienced in a long time. After dinner, Niki stayed to help with the dishes and chatted with Danny's mom who asked her many questions.

"Alright, I should get going now. Thank you for everything. Danny, I'll see in school," Niki said as she stood up and grabbed her stuff.

"Thanks for coming dear. Shen De, you should walk her out," Danny's mom said.

Danny listened and got up.

"It's no problem, I should thank you for the meal. I'll be troubling you from now on," said Niki.

"It's fine, come anytime you like Niki," Danny's dad said, looking up from his newspaper.

"Well let's go, its getting late," Danny pressed.

Niki bowed to Danny's parents and said goodbye again before following Danny out the door.

He walked her out into the Main street and hailed her a taxi.

"Sorry my parents are so old-fashioned," said Danny.

"It's fine, they're really nice. It's nice how close you guys are," said Niki.

"They're really dorky and well you only get one mom and dad, no point in constantly defying them," Danny said.

Niki smiled and said quietly, "You're lucky."

Danny couldn't make out what she said, but he returned the smile and said, "Thanks for coming today, Ms. symphony probably told you my problem with tutors."

"It went better than I thought it would, so we'll see," Niki replied.

"I'll see you Monday then?" Danny asked and realized how stupid the question was considering they have school.

Niki laughed and replied,"Yeah, I'll see you Monday." Then she opened the cab door and stepped inside.

Before driving off she lowered the window, looked up to Danny, and warned in a playful tone, "Oh, and remember to do your homework; if you forget I'll beat you up."

Danny laughed and returned a threat, "I will, don't worry, and if you tell anyone what you saw today I'll..."

"What? You'll beat me up too?" Niki interrupted playfully asking.

"No...I don't hit girls..." said Danny.

Niki scoffed and stuck her head back in the taxi. She signaled for the taxi to start and said, "Bye."

"Bye," Danny replied he began walking backwards slowly, waiting for the taxi to drive off out of sight. Niki stuck her hand out and waved back at him.

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Song Review: Nam Soo Rim (Rimi)'s "Drive Me to the Moon"

Female K-Indie rapper Nam Soo Rim comes back after a year's hiatus with her new mini album "Drive Me to the Moon". For this comeback, Soo Rim trades her previous edgy style for a softer, more romantic one. The album's main focus is to tell the story of romance; each song provides a different perspective and situation. In her album-titled song "Drive Me to the Moon", Soo Rim takes us on a romantic and fantasy-like date.

The Song:
"Drive Me to the Moon" is a mid-tempo rock infused hip-hop track. The song features Nam Soo Rim's powerful rapping and the vocals of Park Ji Yoon.  The vocals and rapping blends nicely together and with the music to paint a story of love. Soo Rim keeps a strong and consistent beat with her rapping, which to me sounds like she's providing narration for the story and Ji Yoon's lovely vocals set the dream-like tone for the song.

I personally love this song, it's different, unique, and definitely not something you often come across in K-pop. Being a heavily rap focused song, I was surprised that Soo Rim was able to pull off a romantic style and sound using a genre that's generally more edgy.

The MV:
The music video uses stunning animations to depict the lyrics of the song. The video follows two girls as they go on a date through a fantasy-like amusement park. As it progresses reality starts to blend with fantasy as the girl's imaginations take over. The MV also raises a question about what the story is telling. It could be a story of two young lovers on a date, or it could be interpreted as two close friends hanging out. Personally, I think it's the former because of the romantic feel the tone of the song and the setting of the MV give off.

Overall, this is a phenomenal song that surpasses the usual boundaries of music. The song is sweet and romantic while still maintaining a funky and edgy sound. The quality of the animation used for the MV is stunning as well. Soo Rim did a fantastic job with experimentation in this new comeback. I will definitely look out for Nam Soo Rim's name in the future. This goes to prove that South Korea has much more to show than just its usual mainstream K-Pop.

Song Review: Fiona Sit's "告別我/Farewell"

Following the smash hit "Cold Joke", Fiona Sit releases her new single "Farewell", which is burning up the charts!

Over the last year, Fiona has made great strides in her musical career.  Her vocals as well as musical style have sharpened and matured, showing she will be the star and diva of tomorrow.  This latest plug joins the streak of great singles Fiona has been releasing.

"Farewell" is a beautiful and phenomenal ballad.  Its musical composition is lovely and pleasing to the ears, with a sound that is slightly reminiscent of 90s Cantopop.  The instruments and musical elements blend together beautifully.  The lyrics, which talk of falling in love with someone you know you will have to say goodbye to, are emotionally sung and executed gracefully by Fiona.  The pacing of the song is very nice, as it is neither too slow for a ballad nor too fast.  "Farewell" also gives a more sophisticated musical direction and image to Fiona.

In addition, the music video is nicely executed with tasteful artistic direction, and as a result compliments the song very well.  There is a melancholic feel to it, allowing the song to touch you more.    Everything about the song comes together so effortlessly and beautifully.

Overall, "Farewell" is a heartfelt and stunning song, and one of the more memorable ballads I've heard. It continues to show how Fiona is improving and maturing, as well as on her way to becoming one of the brightest and biggest singers in Cantopop.  This is definitely my new favorite song from Fiona (which I seem to say every time she releases a new single nowadays?), and I'm sure there is more great material to come.

Song Review: Ella Koon's "So In Love"

Ella Koon is back with "So In Love", her first single under Warner Music HK!  "So In Love" is written and composed by none other than her fellow Warner label mate, popular singer songwriter Khalil Fong.

Although "So In Love" possesses a relatively simple melody and lyrics, it is catchy, fun, and sweet.  There's nothing extraordinary about "So In Love", but it is such a feel good song that easily makes you smile, especially if you are feeling "so in love" yourself.  The sound is fresh and upbeat with its blend of synthetic pop beats and musical instruments, and makes you want to just get up and dance around your room.

The music video lets Ella's bubbly and sweet personality shine!  The colorful backdrop, outfits Ella wears, and various props allows the video to be a little creative and fun.  It looks like Ella herself was able to customize the set to her liking, which slightly resembles the inside of a doll house.  Instead of looking too silly or random, the set and Ella playing around shows the happiness, good mood, and positive outlook of a girl sweetly in love.

Am I blown away by "So In Love"?  No, but that doesn't stop me from loving this song.  It's not impressive, but nevertheless a very fun and sweet song that shows Ella's lovely personality and warm vocals.  It also possesses a fresh sound (most of Warner Music HK's music does) that is sure to be a hit with radio viewers and young HK people.  I'm very happy to see Ella part of the Warner family now, and I'm sure this will only help her to finally win the popularity and recognition she deserves!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

HK Artist Spotlight: Terry Zou

I've wanted to write a post on Terry for a while now, but I wanted to wait until his album was released and yay! It's finally here ^_^.

As of right now, one of my favourite Hong Kong singers is Terry Zou. I'm aware that not a lot of people know him because he is still relatively new but here goes...

Terry Zou Man Jing (鄒文正) is a Hong Kong singer who debuted back in 2011. He's back with his second album this year in 2013 called "Terry Zou Album 2013". He is from Guangzhou, China, which makes him fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese. If I'm not wrong, he was already a singer before he was signed to his music company Gold Typhoon. Terry can play the guitar, the piano, the drums, the violin and the Chinese instrument, Er-hu.

In case you're wondering, the first time I noticed Terry was on TV. His MV was playing, and I quite liked the song so I Google-d it; because he was a new face, I was curious to who this singer was and where he came from.

Terry's a big fan of rock music. He fell in love with rock music because of his dad. His dad was in a band and he would bring Terry along with him when he was on tour. This influenced Terry a lot, because once he was in high school, he joined bands making him a good guitarist, drummer and pianist. He still mentions his dad a lot in his interviews nowadays. =) In his first album, he incorporated rock music into a couple of songs.

Terry Zou Debut Album tracklist
01. 我是人
02. 城中人
03. 留低她於廁所
04. 肚餓
05. 盲目
06. 我只是童鞋
07. 城市人 (國語)

The first track, "我是人", is a playful, whimsical song that I really like. This was the first song he plugged. The second song, "城中人", was arranged and produced by HK band Rubberband. The song is quite slow at the beginning, but it gradually speeds up with its rock elements. "城市人" is the Mandarin version of "城中人". The first MV I saw of Terry's was actually "城中人"!

The third track, "留低她於廁所", is a song with an unusual song title. He wrote the lyrics for this song, if I remember correctly. The MV for this song is quite interesting too. The song's pace is kind of the same throughout but still a catchy song!

"肚餓", which translates to "Hungry" in English, is a catchy rock song that I really like. Track 5, "盲目", is my absolute favourite song of Terry's! It might sound like a typical love song, but I love it. It is one of his most popular songs amongst them all. "我只是童鞋" is also one of my favourite songs by Terry. The song showcases his singing skills very well because of the long notes at the end and I love how sweet it sounds. It is actually a remake of a Korean song.

Earlier this week, Terry FINALLY released his second album (it was postponed several times). I am quite disappointed since there are only 7 songs on the album, and 4 of them I've already heard beforehand, but nevertheless, I still really like the songs from this album overall. 

01. 非人生活 (Inhuman Life)
02. 無關痛癢 (Irrelevance)
03. 糟蹋 (Ruin)
04. 最後警告 (國) (Final Warning)
05. 因為難得,所以難 (國) (Because It's Precious)
06. 愛得不是時候 (國) (Wrong Timing)
07. 紅茶或咖啡 (國) (與AOA合唱) (Tea or Coffee)

"Inhuman Life" was released last year, around 6 months ago, so it's actually quite old. Funny story, I actually thought the song was kind of boring when it first came out, but I think it's one of those songs that grow on you after a while.

Live version of "Because It's Precious" on 360 music show

"Tea or Coffee" MV

The songs "Because It's Precious" and "Tea and Coffee" were also released last year along with their MV's. My favourite out of the three is "Because It's Precious". I loved it from the first time I heard it! "Tea or Coffee" is a cute upbeat Mandarin song with AOA.

Live version of "Irrelevance". The album version of this song has different lyrics now.

Live at press conference

My favourite song out of his new album at the moment is "Irrelevance". I loved it the first time I heard him sing it, which was on Music Cafe. There's just something about this song that makes it different from the rest. I like the softness in his voice in this song. I highly recommend this! "Ruin" is a song that I also highly recommend and I think this is the song he will plug next. "Wrong Timing" is the Mandarin version of "Ruin" and I have to be honest, I think the Mandarin version sounds better but I still like both versions.

"Final Warning" is a rock song (so his style). I'm glad he included a rock song because it's a style of music he likes and this song is pretty fast compared to the rest. I remember he mentioned in an interview that people like him singing slow songs more, so that would explain why there are more slow songs in this album.

I think Terry needs more exposure because he's a very good singer (he sings well live too ;)), and I feel that more people should know who he is. A lot of people call him the "pirated" version of Raymond Lam (in terms of look), but I don't see the resemblance.

Terry also was in an episode of Music Cafe with new duo group GoldEN (he recently recorded his own episode of Music Cafe!) and covered songs by Eason Chan and Sandy Lam. I really like the Eason song he covered.

And one more clip of Terry singing Faye Wong's "A Love Letter to Myself". I'm a fan of this song and I just love the fact he sang it even if it was just a tiny bit of the song and he didn't know all the words.

Terry's already filmed the MV for "Irrelevance", and he's filming another MV for "Ruin". This means there might be another version of his 2013 album coming out soon, considering the fact that it has no MVs included at the moment. Anyway, I do hope his album sells well! Let's support this talented Gemini male together ;)

If you're interested in following his news, here's his weibo:

If you've gotten this far...thanks for reading ^_^ If do you end up listening to his songs, please do comment in the section below and tell me what you guys think!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Song Review: G.NA's "Oops!"

G.NA has made a comeback with her fourth mini album "Beautiful Kisses." This album has a total of five songs: "Oops!" (feat. Ilhoon of BTOB), "Hate it, Can't Stand it", "First Kiss", "Oh, Good!", and "Mind Sync" (feat. Hah Gak).

The Song:

Pinki: First off, this song has nothing to do with making mistakes. This song is about when a person likes another person...A LOT. This song starts from a guy's point of view, then the girl responds during the chorus. The guy happens to be younger than the girl because the first line of the song is "Nuna, you know you're the bestest right?" "Bestest" is not a word, while "Nuna" or "Noona" is a Korean term used to call an older girl you respect or admire, and it is also used by males when calling their older sister. The rap part of the song goes on about how the younger guy is "head over heels" for the older girl. The girl responds by saying she is a beautiful girl, what she likes, and to not tell her to do anything she doesn't like. For example, in the song G.NA says, "I'm a beautiful girl, I like to wear jeans, don't ask me to wear short skirts." This song is bubbly and upbeat, but with a sweet melody. There is also metaphors and similes used in the rap, which make me laugh. "Ha ha ^^~"    

Niki: Elaborating on what Pinki has said, G.NA's new song is a portrayal of the "Noona-Dongsaeng" (older woman-younger guy) relationship that has been so popular in K-pop lately. It depicts the older girl to be clever and confident. She know that guys can pretend to gain her trust, but she's not easily swayed. Meanwhile, the guy is depicted as a more impulsive and naive character hopelessly enamored by the older lady, probably because of her confidence and mature aura.  This is a portrayal that's commonly done and is a more stereotypical view of such a relationship. 

The song's lyrics are split into two parts, Ilhoon's raps and G.NA's singing, and takes on two different perspectives. I really like how this is arranged because it sets up a dialogue between two people and creates a somewhat interactive song, making it more fun and different. 

Regarding the title of the song, it does seem out of context and random, but my interpretation is that the noona is flirting with the younger guy. She is leading him on to get close to her, but then pulls away before he gets too close, thus the flirtatious sounding "oops oops". However, it is more likely that the "word" was put into the song as a simple hook.

The MV: 

Pinki: The MV is cute in a way, but it mainly reveals a sexy side of G.NA. It starts out with a guy and his cat. Don't know the purpose of the cat though, as it was just there through out the whole video  Then...BAM! Ilhoon comes out with his awesome rapping, and then G.NA gets out of bed and does the sub chorus  After that, her dance kicks in. I am not very fond of the dance as there is just something I don't like about it. It's cute and sexy but not really to my liking. That's pretty much the whole video. It's her rolling around in bed, Ilhoon rapping, and more of the cat. Then, I got very confused at the ending. It shows the guy that is in the very beginning of the MV, and G.NA dances with him and suddenly disappears  Then the guy look for her but doesn't find her, and when he enters what seems to be his house, he smiles. I don't know what the reason for that smile was. Was G.NA is his house? Then it shows the cat again and that's how the video ends. 

Niki: The cat in the video intrigued me, because I was confused in the beginning as to why a cat was there. But it donned on me afterwards that the cat was an allusion and they were comparing the Noona-dongsaeng relationship to that of a cat and dog. G.NA is being referred to as a "cougar" (an older woman who prefers to date young guys) for going after the younger male character. Connecting back to the lyrics Ilhoon's rap had a line that said "Because of all the packs of wolves around you. I wanna be your jindo dog," which implies that younger guys are seen as loyal an innocent. In a Noona-Dongsaeng relationship instead of having guys chase after the girl (like dogs usually chase after cats) the older lady is teasing and attracting the guy's attention.

The MV also shows the different sides to a woman's personality. The cat in the beginning and end comes to the guy in a calm manner and is seemingly docile, however when the cat transform into human (which always happens in real life right?...your crush is really your cat...totally! It makes total sense....) she reveals a sexier and more seductive side.

With the plot aside, I personally don't like the crossover between cute and sexy that G.NA has been donning for her image. Those are two different if not opposite images and purposely mixing the two would only end up as an awkward image. It also doesn't fit G.NA's personality very much as a confident and strong young lady. I prefer the more natural image she had when promoting "Black and White" and "I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better".  


Pinki: I like the sound of the song and the lyrics are very fun. The video however wasn't really my thing. It didn't really "blow me away". But, I still like G.NA and her music, and won't start hating her just because she released one single I did not like.  G.NA FIGHTING!!!! ^^

Niki: I'm not very fond of the style or the message of the song and it's not really the type of music I prefer. However, I agree with Pinki that this is an overall fun song with a quirky MV that you can maybe bounce around to in your house. G.NA is still one of the K-pop artists I fairly like, I just wish that she would recover her initial image soon.