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Asian Entertainment Experience is a collaborative blog that hopes to meet all of your Asian entertainment wants and needs.  It is an Asian fan site unlike any other that offers reviews, fiction, and other creative pieces covering all types of Asian entertainment (dramas and music).

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Meet the Staff
Asian Entertainment Experience is a collaborative blog run by Niki and Iris, two best friends who are both Asian entertainment enthusiasts.  There are several contributing staff members as well, who will serve as guest writers.  Meet the staff members by finding out their positions and a little bit about themselves. Click the member's name for their own profile page.

Niki - Founder, Head writer
The reason for this website's existence, Niki is the one who came up with the great and creative idea of starting a collaborative blog about all things Asian entertainment as well as a main contributor/writer. A Kpop, TVB, and C-Pop fan.

Iris - Editor, Head writer
A veteran blogger and passionate writer, Iris works with the web design and more writing heavy tasks of AE-Experience and is a main contributor/writer. A TVB and C-Pop fan who carries excessive knowledge of HK entertainment.

The Friendship Behind the Blog
Iris on Niki: I've always wanted to run a blog with someone, and I couldn't ask for a better partner!  Niki is one of my favorite people in the world.  She is so sweet, adorable, and can be very childish - I mean youthful - but is also more insightful and observant than most people our age.  With our deep appreciation for music and entertainment, we've become even closer.  I'm thrilled to finally have a friend I can discuss such things with, talk with on such a personal and indepth level, and share something as great as this blog with.  We make really good partners, don't you think, Niki and readers?  :D (Niki: Yes we do)

Niki on Iris: When I had the idea for this blog, I admit I was kind of scared. I didn't know how I'll pull it off, I'm not exactly a tech savvy. I knew that Iris had some experience, so when I asked Iris to help I was ecstatic when she said yes. Without her this blog would've never existed, or at least it won't be as great as it is today. So I just wanted to say, Thank you! Iris one of the most amazing people I've met. She's so hardworking, intelligent, and nice.  Even though we've only met a while back, I'm surprised how close we've gotten. I'm proud to say that we can dig deeper than just scratching the surface. With you here I'm sure there's a very bright future for A.E. Experience.

Staff Writers


A K-Drama and K-Pop fan with a love for dance.

A fiction writer and contributor to AE-Experience's fan fiction page.