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Wish and Switch Drama Review

**Beware of Spoilers** 

Wish and Switch was a lighthearted comedy as well as supernatural themed drama. When the drama had first been introduced, I had some doubts about it. The idea of body switching was peculiar and hoped it wouldn't turn out ridiculous or far fetched. But after it had aired I was pleased to find out it was engaging and enjoyable. The plot was easy to follow with nice comedy relief whenever it was getting dramatic. I was very fond of the drama until the last 5 episodes.


Myolie did a great job as the caring and thrifty housewife, but the character itself irked me. Suk Heung's personality, while kindhearted and innocent, was stupid and easily manipulated. My irritation of Suk Heung grew as the series went on, but her sincere and selfless personality prevented me from hating her. On the other hand Myolie's was able to showcase her comedic talent, which I've always enjoyed.

Selena also did a fantastic job in her role as Hailey. I loved Hailey throughout the entire drama, especially in scenes where her clever personality shined. She was able to handle her emotional scene as well as comedic scenes well without over reacting. I've always liked Selena, but I've never noticed her that much. However, after watching Wish and Switch my liking for her has definitely grown.  Hopefully she'll get more chances to shine in the future.

Johnson Lee was probably the most dislike-able character in the series. At first, I rather liked his character Ka Yan for his innocent and loyal personality. However, as the series progressed I became more and more agitated by his character. It was obvious that his character was messed up badly. Johnson's performance was stable and convincing, but that couldn't make up for his poor character.

Vincent Wong's character was hard to bear and a bit scary at first, but after a couple of episodes his character became better and even sweet. One of my favorite scene has to be during the costume party. It was adorable how Wayne was able to pick out Hailey out of all the "princesses." By the end of the series I was rooting for him and Hailey to finally get together. Vincent is a decent actor and did well as the rich and prideful young master. But I felt he was still unnatural in expressing his emotions during some scenes.

The Story: 

At the beginning of the series it focused on Suk Heung and her family. It didn't take long for me to feel sorry for her, but soon my sympathy turned to irritation. I didn't get how a person can take care of so many people who show her no gratitude and even uses her for their own selfish reasons. During the entire series I was waiting for Suk Heung to take a stand and defend her pride, unfortunately that never happened.
The middle episodes where Suk Heung and Hailey switched bodies has to be my favorites. As they try to get used to each other's lives some interesting and funny situations develop. The two also showed off some nice chemistry. The scene where they went to the convenience store and used the drink bottles to cool each other off had me laughing out loud. The confessions and realization of their feelings between Wayne and Hailey was endearing as well.

The Ending:
After the first 15 episodes however, the drama starts to hurdle off track and became hard to bear. Johnson becoming a last minute villain was both ridiculous and unnecessary. It was funny how they blamed Ka Yan's drastic change in character on the website, yet he still ended up stealing money and causing Suk Heung's death after the machine was destroyed.
Lately TVB has a knack for killing off the leads an episode before the ending, so when I found out Myolie was going to die I thought to myself, how typical.  I was half expecting that she would die, but how she died was just ridiculous. If she had managed to hide Ka Yan from the gangsters, she could have thrown the money away and hide some where instead of saying, "Here I am with the money!" And finally the appearance of a doppelganger is once again, very typical. Of course he would find another girl exactly like his wife....
The ending for Wayne and Hailey was a bit weird for me as well. It seemed rather random that Wayne would suddenly come back with a new personality and propose to Hailey. Even though they justified it by saying he took a soul searching class, it was still too spontaneous. I was glad to see that Wayne and Hailey had a happy ending though.

Overall Wish and Switch had exceeded my original expectation. The two leading actresses did very well, performance wise. The story was interesting and had a nice balance of comedy and drama. But the drama would've been much better without the irrelevant episodes at the end.

Author's Note:

This is my first drama review! I was so excited to write this review since I had a lot to say about this drama. I tried to keep myself from rambling on and on about my confusion and agitation for the ending. This was also to keep my promise to Iris; I had promised her that I would try writing reviews for TVB (of course mine can never be as good as hers ;D). I hope you enjoyed reading. ^^
P.S. I loved Hailey's dog Rocky! I was so sad when he died. He was so adorable, but his "son" Souffle was cute too of course.

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