Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Staff Song Review: Sistar's "Alone"

K-Pop girl groups' images are usually categorized as girly like Girl's Generation, sexy like Brown Eyed Girls, or edgy and empowering like Miss A.  In Sistar's latest comeback, the talented girls don an image that is more rarely seen: Classy.

Iris: "Alone" has a very distinct and dream-like sound, making it probably the most unique single released by a girl group this year.  The production on it is extremely sleek, stylish, and quite sultry.  Despite being neither a fast song or a ballad, "Alone" manages to be a very intriguing song.  I didn't love the song at first, but it didn't take long for it to grow on me.  It embodies a lot of femininity and style.

As usual, the MV for the song is very easy on the eyes and a great visual.  The girls look gorgeous, as do the shots of Las Vegas.  Whoever decided to shoot the MV in Las Vegas, you were right on.  The city definitely fits the image "Alone" is going for.
Sistar shows in their latest comeback that they are far from being a bunch of rookies anymore.  They have their own unique style, and they own it.  "Alone" may take some time to grow on you, but one can not deny the fantastic musical production on it.

Niki: Sistar has really managed to impress me during their comeback this time. I was used to their upbeat pop sound but was pleasantly surprised when I first saw "Alone". At first, I wasn't too fond of the song, but after the second listen I found myself listening to it again and again.

While I loved the overall feel of the MV, but there was one thing that bugged me, the club scenes. I thought gave it the appropriate nostalgic feel with Sistar lounging alone in the club. However, it was rather unrealistic that they would have the club to themselves, especially if it was a club in L.A. But it is an MV so whether it's realistic or not isn't such an important factor, besides people know that you can't go to a club and lie on the dance floor (without getting trampled anyways) when you're heartbroken ;D.

The dance for the song was simple and fit very well with the image. It was different from Sistar's usual strong dances and flaunted Sisitar's soft feminine side without hiding their seductiveness. What I really loved was the girl's style and the color scheme. The use of blue and purple lighting gave the MV a sorrowful feeling while the red reflected Sistar's strong personalities. Sistar looked fantastic in the long sparkling dresses (which is another rare thing to see in K-pop), simple hairstyles, and bold makeup.

Overall, "Alone" is a well composed and produced song that matches well with Sisitar's strong vocals and style. The rarely seen sultry and classy image has been a refreshing change for Sistar; it really shows how much they have matured in their music.

Author's Note (Iris): Sorry this song review didn't get posted until a month after the song's release!  Glad we managed to get it in before the goodbye stage though.  It's been sitting in our drafts since....since the song first released.  We've been a little busy here, and a bit lazy to get started on posts.

Author's note (Niki): Yea, sorry guys, I was supposed to start this post but kept delaying it.  I also feel really bad because I always disappear after a while. Hopefully during the summer I'll write more.

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