Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Song Review: Fiona Sit's "Better Me"

Fiona Sit continues to impress and improve with her latest single "Better Me".  It is her best work yet, and will blow you away.  "Better Me" is a meaningful and touching song executed beautifully.  

Earlier, Fiona revealed she had suffered from depression and attempted to commit suicide.  I was shocked to hear that behind her sweet and seemingly upbeat and happy go lucky face and personality laid someone so unhappy and tormented.  Thankfully, she has gone past that dark stage in life and found happiness again, which is shown in the song.
The lyrics of the song are simple yet meaningful.  They tell of how a special someone makes her a better person, and as a result, a happier one.  The English lyrics are incorporated into the song seamlessly and sweetly.  I especially love the worlds "Laugh a little more/Love myself a little more".  The words state how she has learned to cherish her life and accept herself.  

I was pleasantly surprised at the MV.  It has an extremely simple concept, but its simplicity is what makes it beautiful.  A busy or exciting video would've ruined its beauty.  The MV shows two different Fiona's, one who is heartily singing along to the song, and one who is next to her showing expressions of sadness and depression.  By the bridge, she is shown coming to accept herself and starts singing along as well.  It is raw and very emotional.  It makes the song even more memorable, leaving an impact on you.  Fiona looked stunning, and did a good job of emoting.

"Better Me" is a representation of how far Fiona has come and how she's come to embrace what she has and accept herself.  It is such a meaningful and beautiful song, and I love it to pieces.   I can't wait to see her perform this live!  One of my favorite songs of 2012.

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  1. Can you translate the lyrics into English? I am a fan, but I have no idea what she is singing. Been looking for the lyrics online, but to no avail. Even then, it's still a beautiful song.