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Good Guys in the Asian Entertainment Industry
TVB 2011 Report Card

Broadening the Horizons

"A Great Way to Care 2" (2013) (TVB)
"Forensic Heroes 3" (2011) (TVB) 
"Ghetto Justice 2" (2012) (TVB) (By Iris)
"Ghetto Justice 2" (2012) (TVB) (By Lynne)
"Playful Kiss" (2010) (KOR) 
Slow Boat Home (2013) (TVB)
"The Last Steep Ascent" (2012) (TVB)
"Tiger Cubs" (2012) (TVB)
"Wish & Switch" (2012) (TVB) 
"You're Beautiful" (2009) (KOR) 

Top 10 TVB Artists of 2011


AE HK Music Awards


Artist Spotlights
Brown Eyed Girls (KR)
Charlene Choi (HK)
Dear Jane (HK)
Ella Koon (HK)
Eric Suen (HK)
G.E.M. (HK)

Kelvin Kwan (Part 1: Biography + Artist Critique) (HK)

S.H.E. (TW)
Terry Zou (HK)

Artist Critiques
Miss A (Broadening the Horizons Edition) 

General Music Reviews
Respectable K-Pop Rookies of 2011 (Girl Groups Edition)
Respectable K-Pop Rookies of 2011 (Boy Band Edition)

Album Reviews
Eric Suen - "Never Said Goodbye" 
Fiona Sit - "Tenacious"
Kary Ng - "Myself"
Kelvin Kwan - "Breakout"
Kelvin Kwan - "Occupation"

Mr. - "New Beginning"
Raymond Lam - "Self-Portrait"

Big Bang - "Alive"
G.NA - "Bloom"
Miss A - "A Class"
Miss A - "Touch"

Miss A - "Independent Women Pt. III"
SISTAR - "Alone"
Younha - Supersonic

Song Reviews

Hong Kong
Dear Jane - "Goodbye"
Dear Jane - "Let's Just Do It"
Dear Jane - "Never Be Alone/不許你注定一人"
Dear Jane - "Yellow Fever"
Dear Jane - "Unavoidable/無可避免"
Ella Koon - "So In Love"
Eric Suen - "Here I Go"
Eric Suen - "Therapy Dry/療Dry"
Fiona Sit - "All You Need Is Me"

Fiona Sit - "Better Me"
Fiona Sit - "Farewell/告別我"
Fiona Sit - "Hangnail/倒刺"
Fiona Sit - "Victorian Secret Mission/維多利亞女皇的非常秘密任務"
G.E.M. - "Someday I'll Fly"
G.E.M. - "What Have U Done"
Kary Ng - "Confessions/告白"
Kary Ng - "Ferociously/狠狠"
Keeva Mak - "Revolver Juliet/佩鎗的茱麗葉"
Kelvin Kwan - "Frail/孱弱"
Kelvin Kwan - "Occupation/佔領"
Kelvin Kwan - "People of My Generation/我這一代人" (MV Review)
Khalil Fong - "BB88"
Mr. - "Sense of Direction/方向感"
Pakho Chau - "Death Row/斬立決"


Ella Chen - "Bad Girl" 
Van Ness Wu and 2PM's Junho - "Undefeated/不敗"


4 Minute - "Volume Up"
4 Minute - "Volume Up" (Staff Review)
Ailee - "I Will Show You"
A Pink - "Hush"
Big Bang - "Fantastic Baby" 

Fat Cat - "Is Being Pretty Everything?"
G.NA - "Oops!"
Hyuna - "Ice Cream"
Nam Soo Rim - "Drive Me to the Moon"
SISTAR - "Alone" (Staff Review)
Wonder Girls - "Like This" (Staff Review)
Younha Feat. John Park - "Would We Have Changed"

Live Performance Coverage

Hong Kong 
Kelvin Kwan and Hins Cheung on "Music on the Move"
Khalil Fong and Fiona Sit on "Music on the Move"
Patrick Tang Debuts With Band "SirV"

Girl's Generation's Taetiso Appearance on "Yoo Hee Sketchbook"
Younha's Special Appearance on "Immortal Song 2"

"Finding Life's Sweetness" By Iris
Forewords + Character Descriptions
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

"Our Little Heaven" By Niki
Forewords + Character Descriptions
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

"Le Prodige (Conte d'un Pianiste) By SeraDev
Chapter 1

"Till the World Ends" By Iris
Forewords + Character Descriptions
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

Starhub TVB Awards 2012 - Fa Dan Fashion

AE Experience Staff Performs at High School's International Night
Hello Kitty World Domination
Instant Japanese Candy and Toy: Poppin' Cookin' 

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