Monday, January 7, 2013

AE Experience's 1 Year Anniversary! (Message + New Layout)

It's been 1 year since Asian Entertainment Experience first hit the web!  Time flies, and after over 100 posts it is now a year old.   It's been this website's goal to offer as much of a variety of content as possible, ranging from music reviews, drama reviews, fan fiction, and other types of posts.  Overall, we think we've been doing a decent job fulfilling our goal and in the process built AE Experience as a blog unlike any other in the Asian entertainment blogosphere.  Time constraints and other factors keep us from reaching our fullest potential, but all in all, it's been a joy running the site and we look forward to continuing to do so.  Ideally, we hope for AE Experience to continue to be very much alive while offering quality posts, and for a long time to come.

Iris: It's been very lovely and rewarding to run this site.  Over the last year, it has allowed me to rekindle my interest and passion in writing and music, two things that are now an even more important part of my life.  Also, it's helped me grow even closer to Niki and make us the closest friends ever.  Although Niki does not have as much time and does not blog much, she is still very much a part of AE Experience and the best partner I could ask for.  I love running and writing for this blog and I only expect for it to become even bigger and better! Thank you everyone for reading and supporting!

Niki: This blog had been such a fun and new experience for me. I've thoroughly enjoyed writing the posts and feel really bad that I haven't written as much (or as often) as I should. Setting up this blog is probably one of my proudest achievements, and I'm really glad I can share it with one of my best friends. Iris has been so helpful and has been the best partner I could ever ask for, without her I'm sure this blog won't be half as interesting as it is. It's been a great first year for AE Experience and I hope we can celebrate many more great years to come. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read our posts and supported us this past year, it means a great deal to us!

The new layout!

For our first anniversary banner, we featured Dear Jane, Shiga Lin, Kelvin Kwan, and Kary Ng. There were many outstanding Cantopop artists this year, but in our opinion these four stood out and had very successful years with great performances. Dear Jane rose in popularity through commercial and critical success with "Yellow Fever". Kelvin and Shiga both suffered from scandals but proved their worth and talent were heavier than the weight of their scandals. Kelvin returned again this year with a more mature image and sound while Shiga continued to capture people's hearts with her beautiful voice and her ballad "The End". Lastly, Kary has been gaining even more success with "My January", which included hits "Confessions" and "Ferociously". She continues to move up the ranks and emerging as a top diva.

The banner and layout has a light green color scheme for a fresh spring look (even though it's still winter). It's a break from our usual blue and purple dominated looks. This time, the banner and layout were designed and altered by me (Iris).

Hope everyone has enjoyed reading this blog as much as we have writing it and continue to support AE Experience! Thanks again, and we love you!

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