Sunday, February 10, 2013

Album Review: Mr.'s "New Beginning"

Released in the first week of 2013, Cantorock band Mr. makes a strong and rocking entrance into the new year with "New Beginning". Overall, it's an enjoyable listen with their signature rock sound coupled with new and different elements.

"第五類接觸/Fifth Kind", used as the opening song for their New Beginning Live concert, is an upbeat song that gets you pumped and moving. There's a lot of energy in it and gets you psyched, making you want to hear more.

"走一走/Walk" is another energetic song that will get you moving. The beat of the song will have your head bobbing to the music. The instruments get to have a lot more creativity and fun here.

What is most surprising and fresh about the album though is "Dance Floor". I never would've expected Mr. to release a dance song. It does a fantastic job of blending the musical instruments with dance and synthetic beats. The rock sound is retained but there is also a club vibe to it. The feel of the song is very mysterious and alluring, especially when Alan sings "With me tonight, with me tonight...". "Dance Floor" is incredibly catchy, slick, and infectious. It's not something I saw coming from Mr., and I'm very impressed.

"方向感/Sense of Direction" is a mid tempo song with a relaxed but uplifting tone, and one of my favorite singles from them yet. A more in depth review can be found here.

"舊日理想/The Old Ideal" is a good contrast to the rest of the album. The music and lyrics are filled with angst and raw emotion, a heavier than usual sound for them that fits. I love blasting this when feeling down or angry.

"What R We Fighting 4" is one of Mr.'s weaker singles. It's catchy and promoting a positive message, but musically it's repetitive and too simple. It's still a fun and upbeat listen, but a step backwards in terms of a maturing music style and wasn't the best song to promote as the lead single. Nevertheless, it makes a good anthem to fight for what you believe in.

The album ends on a thoughtful note with "一首情歌/One Love Song". Mr. goes acoustic here, a refreshing break from their upbeat and "louder" material. It's nice to see a softer and gentler side to them. The sound is very romantic, dreamy, sweet, and soothing. You won't be able to keep from smiling when listening to it.

"New Beginning" is a fantastic EP from Mr. that shows maturation in their musical style. There is more variety here than in their previous works as well as distinction between each track. Each song is worth listening to and repeating again. Although they keep with their band sound, they bring several twists to their music this time around for some freshness, and it works. It's the start of another very promising and successful year for Mr.!

Rating: 4.25 stars

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