Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Banner and Layout: Louis Cheung Edition!

In spirit of the new year Iris and I thought it was a good time to change up the layout and banner of the blog. At first we wanted a banner that featured TVB's breakout artists of 2014, but after racking our brains for half an hour the only name we could come up with was Louis. Considering the amount of work he's put into filming in the past year and all the critical praise he's gotten we figured he deserves the spotlight. I didn't think having one of him was enough with his many talents, so I decided to go with the Louis twins!

 Looking back at the previous themes we've had I noticed that the majority had been cooler colors so I wanted to go with a warmer tone this time around. I also changed the template to give the blog a sleeker look to complement Louis' suave style. Even though it's been a while since I've made a banner I have to say I'm super proud of this one. Hope you guys enjoy it! 

Extra note: Iris and I spent over an hour just trying to come up with a catchy caption. Here's some of the spoofs: 


  1. That was a nice banner! Super creative and he is no doubt the breakout star this year!