Friday, June 12, 2015

Making the Headlines #1

Everyday, something new is happening with our favorite TVB and HK artists. In our new feature, we will be pulling current stories we find noteworthy and commenting on them with some of our thoughts...

Louis Cheung and Priscilla Wong to star in “Come Home Love” spinoff

Sources: JayneStars (translated by Huynh), Hyn5 @ 幸而城 Fortunate City

Picture Credit: JayneStars

Iris: As much as I like the cast ensemble of “Come Home Love,” I’ve been long looking forward to TVB developing an entirely new sitcom. This spin off seems like an exhibition of TVB’s greediness yet laziness and cheapness. By slapping the “Come Home Love” name on it and calling it a “spin off,” TVB is obviously trying to milk what has become a stable brand. Yet, only Griselda Yeung and Max Cheung are confirmed for the spinoff. I’m sure some of the actors expressed a desire to exit, but I wonder how many people TVB even approached to reprise their roles. I adore Griselda and Max, but can’t help but feel that this is so convenient for TVB because not only are they fan favorites, but also likely the least expensive actors to hire out of the principal cast since they usually portray kelefe roles in dramas. “Come Home Love” also doesn’t seem like it could possibly be “Come Home Love” without Lai Lok Yi as “John Ma,” but I’m happy that he will finally be able to move on to other projects.

That aside, I love both Louis and Priscilla (but have reservations about them as a couple) and it will be nice to see them in something different, but I hope the episode order remains low so they, particularly Louis, isn’t committed to one thing too long and can film more dramatic series. The rest of the cast however, looks like it will bite. And...why is Priscilla sporting the same look as in “Swipe Tap Love”?

Niki: What she said (the problem with us always agreeing).

Tony Hung replaces Ron Ng as lead in upcoming nurse drama “Trainee Angel”

Sources: Hyn5 @ 幸而城 Fortunate City (News Story), Hyn5 (Blessing Ceremony)
Picture Credit: Weibo

Iris: When others have bounced up to lead roles, generally they have received easier roles that are either tailor made or like their actual personality before giving them greater challenges later. How many times have we seen Aimee Chan essentially play herself? A more experienced actor is usually also cast as lead to prop up the newbies. Instead of transitioning him into a lead actor, TVB is throwing Tony into shark-infested waters by first replacing Raymond in “Captain of Destiny” and now having him step in for another leading role that is nothing like what he usually portrays with the expectation he’ll hold up actresses like Moon Lau and Jinny Ng who have even less experience than him. His “monster instructor” role sounds like something many other more experienced actors his age would have some trouble with, never mind a freshly promoted actor, and unfortunately it’s easily predictable that he is going to receive a lot of criticism from netizens. Yet, I don’t think Ron would have done the least bit better.

Niki: Honestly, when I first read what Tony’s character was going to be I laughed out loud. I cannot for the life of me imagine him in this role, but I feel really sorry for Tony that he’s being thrown into the deep end like that. And this shows just how desperate TVB is to replace the veteran actors who are leaving. Hopefully, Tony can use the challenge and possible criticisms as a learning experience.

The general plot of this drama also doesn’t sound very exciting. It sounds like the drama is going to get either really draggy or really messy with all of the different love triangles, either way I’m not looking forward to it. Though I am still curious about how Tony will fare in his role so I may give the series a chance and watch a couple of episodes.

Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan's relationship develops in front of the media

Source: JayneStars (Translated by Su)

Iris: I’m sure this is so annoying for Kevin and Grace, but as readers and TVB fans, it has been interesting to see Kevin and Grace’s relationship slowly develop in front of our eyes, from getting to know each other during filming, expressing an interest in each other, and now going on their first date. I like that these two have been mature in their handling of the media by not being overly evasive while still doing what they can to maintain their privacy. The 22-year age difference is still a lot to take in, more so because of the different stages they are in in their careers and lives rather than the number itself. They still seem quite compatible so time will tell how their relationship works out.

Niki: I think that Kevin and Grace make a really sweet couple so far. I’m glad to hear that the two are now officially dating and that the relationship is progressing nicely. Hopefully, they won’t let the press and ridiculous rumors get to them, but if they can survive this amount of pressure so early on it’ll strengthen their relationship in the long run. Grace seems like a down to earth girl who’s mature for her age, so I think that the age gap will not be too much of a problem for them as long as they maintain a good line of communication. It will definitely be interesting to see where these two will be in the future.

TVB botches renewal negotiations with veteran Bobby Au Yeung
Source: JayneStars (Translated by Huynh)

Iris: Alright, someone needs to go and whack the TVB executives in the head. With all these actors leaving TVB, you would think they would do all they can to convince remaining artists, particularly their most loyal ones, to stay. Their attitude in these negotiations should be nothing short of respectful and sincere when all these talented and profitable actors can be making bank and receiving better opportunities elsewhere. The fact that they would treat Bobby, who has been an asset to TVB and been with them for over 30 years, with arrogance is frustrating. If this doesn’t improve, the station will be losing even their most loyal actors. Get it together TVB!

Niki: Like Iris said, TVB needs to get it together and realize they need all the support they can get. Now they have to put out the fire but I’m sure Bobby’s already lost his faith in them (I know I would).

Myolie Wu contemplates leaving TVB, will get married in December

Sources: JayneStars (Contract story translated by Jingles), JayneStars (Marriage story translated by Su)
Photo Credit: MingPao
Iris: The chances of Myolie staying with TVB are very low, and while I have expected it for a long time and find the timing appropriate, I will still be sad when she ultimately announces that she has decided to go elsewhere.

However, congratulations to Myolie on her upcoming wedding! Although this wedding announcement came sooner than I would have thought, I’m not surprised. I wish her happiness, and that he treats her right. Now get ready for the press to hound poor Bosco on his thoughts on this any day now...

Niki: Sounds like Myolie is getting ready to move on to the next point in her life and she sounds really happy about it. I’m truly happy for her and I wish her all the best in the future. I think that this change of pace could be good for her.

Iris: We usually take turns starting a paragraph/section but I went ahead and started all of these yesterday since Niki was busy working on something else. Lesson learned… There’s a reason why we usually take turns: so the second person has more chances of still having something to say. 

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