Saturday, December 22, 2012

AE Experience Staff Performs at High School's International Night

On December 20th, AE Experience staff and friends including head writer Niki, guest writer Pinki, Dani, and Jeremy performed at their high school's 5th annual International Night, a school event where culture and diversity is celebrated by students with food booths and performances. Niki, Pinki, Dani, Jeremy, and other members of the school's Korean Club (first started by Niki, Pinki, and Dani!) represented the country and served as the opening act, which ended up being a very fitting decision. A two part dance performance, the freshmen opened with BEAST's "Shock" before AEE's very own staff took the stage and brought the house down with 2NE1's "I'm the Best". It got the crowd pumped and they went wild, and the performance was full of energy, edginess, and just pure awesomeness. See for yourself!

Iris' Review:
There was quite a bit of conflict preceding the performance along with a lot of practice, sweat, tears, and misunderstandings between peers. However, it all paid off and the final product ended up being phenomenal.  After seeing them practice and work their butts off for months, they made me so proud as a friend, supporter, manager figure, and fan.  There are some improvements that could be made and the performance is not one without mistakes, but the amount of energy in it is fantastic.  I'm impressed they ended up being able to bring so much stage presence and fun to the stage.  I was not expecting that sass!

Niki, who is usually a very shy and reserved girl but looked natural, bold, confidant, and kick ass on stage, particularly during her solo when she bends over backward and does her little hair toss.  Dani made significant improvements in her stage presence and looked much more comfortable this year.  Pinki, who I constantly make fun of for being one of the most passive people ever, looked adorable with her huge smile and enthusiasm.  Last but not least, Jeremy brought his sass on and despite only appearing for a small part of the performance, made the best of it.  The crowd went crazy when he first came on to start the song, and even more so when he emerged again unexpectedly mid song.

The last part where the four of them are joined by the freshmen for one last pose was the perfect way to finish.  It was so much fun to watch and I was practically fangirling for them.  The crowd absolutely loved them as well, which you can tell by all the cheering and screaming.  (Side note, following the part near the end where Niki points her hand "gun" to the audience and Jeremy aims his fist at the crowd when the song goes "Bam!", he is actually holding a shaker with glitter in it, throwing glitter at the stage and audience!  Amazing touch!)  I've been rewatching this performance again and again, and every time it makes me jumpy with excitement and happiness for my friends/almost family.  This definitely goes into one of my favorite moments ever.

Other Comments:
If anyone's curious, no, I am not in this performance.  Iris can't dance, but is going to be joining in the fun by learning a new song with them soon and getting taught by Niki.  Wish me luck folks.  I had more of a "behind the scenes" role in all this, as International Night is a student run event organized by the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club and I helped in managing the event itself and headed the Booth Management Committee with fellow guest writer SeraDev.  Also, thanks to Anthony, Michael, and all our other friends who helped make the food, run the booth, and did general maintenance.  This was truly a student run event.  International Night was a success, and FBLA earned more than $1,000 from it.  I'd say we did a pretty darn good job!  :D  As someone who hopes to pursue business, it was a great experience.  I also got to play wardrobe stylist as I put together Niki's outfit, which consists of a leather jacket, gold tank top, black skinny jeans, and combat boots (I lent her the jacket and tank top!).  Doesn't she look awesome?!  I also shot the video, which is why it abruptly ends. I quickly stopped the recording and dropped my phone to applaud like a maniac.

This post ended up being a lot longer than intended.  Overall, would I say I am proud of Niki, Pinki, Dani, and Sully?  Hell yeah!  Congratulations for kicking butt guys! I love you so much!


  1. Haha I don't know much about dancing, but your friends looked great! Also kudos for their bravery to perform on stage (I would never be able to do so haha)!!

    Congrats to you guys for earning $1000 too!!! That is ALOT of money! :D

    Anyways, Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to you all ;)

    1. Yes they did! :D I would never be able to perform on stage like that either.

      Yes, $1000 is a lot of money. *pats self on back*

      Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you too Lynne! Thanks for continuing to support AEE. :)