Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Song Review: Mr.'s "方向感/Sense of Direction"

Following the release of catchy but overly simple and repetitive anthem "What R We Fighting 4", Mr. makes a change in pace with "方向感/Sense of Direction". The new plug is a midtempo, more laid back, and uplifting song. I love how it still sticks to their usual rock sound while being such a mellow and relaxing song to listen to. It's a nice change from the more opposite soft rock ballad and upbeat and loud number. The song is meaningful, carries an air of thoughtfulness and optimism, while still catchy and also empowering, especially with the guitar solo.

The music video pairs with the song well. The members of Mr. are seen running in their Adidas-sponsored clothing, promoting going outside to exercise and conquering your ambitions. The song, along with the video, fuels the listener with a feeling of sweetness and motivation. Although a more laid back song, "Sense of Direction" is something to listen to while running (or jogging) to get a surge of motivation and optimism!

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