Monday, March 25, 2013

Song Review: Nam Soo Rim (Rimi)'s "Drive Me to the Moon"

Female K-Indie rapper Nam Soo Rim comes back after a year's hiatus with her new mini album "Drive Me to the Moon". For this comeback, Soo Rim trades her previous edgy style for a softer, more romantic one. The album's main focus is to tell the story of romance; each song provides a different perspective and situation. In her album-titled song "Drive Me to the Moon", Soo Rim takes us on a romantic and fantasy-like date.

The Song:
"Drive Me to the Moon" is a mid-tempo rock infused hip-hop track. The song features Nam Soo Rim's powerful rapping and the vocals of Park Ji Yoon.  The vocals and rapping blends nicely together and with the music to paint a story of love. Soo Rim keeps a strong and consistent beat with her rapping, which to me sounds like she's providing narration for the story and Ji Yoon's lovely vocals set the dream-like tone for the song.

I personally love this song, it's different, unique, and definitely not something you often come across in K-pop. Being a heavily rap focused song, I was surprised that Soo Rim was able to pull off a romantic style and sound using a genre that's generally more edgy.

The MV:
The music video uses stunning animations to depict the lyrics of the song. The video follows two girls as they go on a date through a fantasy-like amusement park. As it progresses reality starts to blend with fantasy as the girl's imaginations take over. The MV also raises a question about what the story is telling. It could be a story of two young lovers on a date, or it could be interpreted as two close friends hanging out. Personally, I think it's the former because of the romantic feel the tone of the song and the setting of the MV give off.

Overall, this is a phenomenal song that surpasses the usual boundaries of music. The song is sweet and romantic while still maintaining a funky and edgy sound. The quality of the animation used for the MV is stunning as well. Soo Rim did a fantastic job with experimentation in this new comeback. I will definitely look out for Nam Soo Rim's name in the future. This goes to prove that South Korea has much more to show than just its usual mainstream K-Pop.

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