Monday, March 25, 2013

Song Review: Ella Koon's "So In Love"

Ella Koon is back with "So In Love", her first single under Warner Music HK!  "So In Love" is written and composed by none other than her fellow Warner label mate, popular singer songwriter Khalil Fong.

Although "So In Love" possesses a relatively simple melody and lyrics, it is catchy, fun, and sweet.  There's nothing extraordinary about "So In Love", but it is such a feel good song that easily makes you smile, especially if you are feeling "so in love" yourself.  The sound is fresh and upbeat with its blend of synthetic pop beats and musical instruments, and makes you want to just get up and dance around your room.

The music video lets Ella's bubbly and sweet personality shine!  The colorful backdrop, outfits Ella wears, and various props allows the video to be a little creative and fun.  It looks like Ella herself was able to customize the set to her liking, which slightly resembles the inside of a doll house.  Instead of looking too silly or random, the set and Ella playing around shows the happiness, good mood, and positive outlook of a girl sweetly in love.

Am I blown away by "So In Love"?  No, but that doesn't stop me from loving this song.  It's not impressive, but nevertheless a very fun and sweet song that shows Ella's lovely personality and warm vocals.  It also possesses a fresh sound (most of Warner Music HK's music does) that is sure to be a hit with radio viewers and young HK people.  I'm very happy to see Ella part of the Warner family now, and I'm sure this will only help her to finally win the popularity and recognition she deserves!

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