Sunday, January 8, 2012

Staff Member Profile: Iris

Position Held on Asian Entertainment Experience: Head writer, and editor

Specializations/Focuses: Cantopop, TVB

Main contributions: Cantopop reviews, TVB reviews

Describe yourself.
I am a determined and hardworking person who strives for organization, control, and perfection, which results in both good and bad results. I have a sarcastic sense of humor that's reflected in my realist mindset. Besides being a sarcastic control freak though, I can actually be friendly and helpful when you get to know me. :)

On the side, I'm an entertainment junkie and writer. I love watching dramas and TV shows and critiquing them. I've been blogging since the summer of 2008 when I was a 7th grader, making me the staff member with the most writing and blogging experience. I am the web mistress of the blog TVB Interaction, which has been on the web since June 13, 2009.

More recently, I have been developing a passion for music.  I've always listened to it, but have discovered so much amazing music lately and it's something I highly appreciate and love having in my life.  Life would be so dull without it!  My favorite type of music is pop rock/rock.  I am an avid fan of Cantonese rock music, as seen through my love for the bands Dear Jane and Mr.

Describe yourself in five words! Sarcastic, determined, organized, entertainment junkie.

Interests/hobbies: Writing, blogging, listening to music, watching dramas/TV, hanging out with friends, swimming, relaxing, and traveling


Favorite Actors: Ruco Chan, Louis Cheung, Raymond Wong, Edwin Siu, Vincent Wong
Favorite Actresses: Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, Nancy Wu, Sheren Tang
Favorite Series: "Catch Me Now" (2008), "Family Man" (2002), "La Femme Desperado" (2006), "Survivor's Law" (2003), "The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow" (2003), "You're Hired" (2009)
Favorite On-Screen Couples: Dayo Wong & Charmaine Sheh, Bosco Wong & Myolie Wu, Vincent Wong & Nancy Wu


Favorite Male HK Singers: Khalil Fong, Pakho Chau, Kelvin Kwan
Favorite Female HK Singers: Kary Ng, Fiona Sit, Kay Tse, Shiga Lin, Ella Koon
Favorite HK Bands: Dear Jane, Mr.
Favorite Korean Singers: Younha, ALi
Favorite Korean Bands/Groups: Miss A, Epik High

Five Things to Know About Me:
  • My all time favorite actor and artiste is Ruco Chan. Not only is he handsome, charismatic, a fantastic actor, and great singer, but an admirable person as well. His life story and how he's learned from his failures serves as an inspiration for me to not give up and that hard work does pay off.
  • Music wise, I am first and foremost a huge and loyal Dear Jane fan but also loyally support my handful of other favorite artists.
  • I know way too much information about TVB.
  • I speak the Teochew dialect of Chinese, and taught myself Cantonese by watching TVB dramas. Sadly, I can not read Chinese. :(
  • I have my own blog, TVB Interaction.
  • I have huge plans for this website and hope it'll become the go to site for all things Asian entertainment! :)

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