Thursday, March 22, 2012

Song Review: Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby"

Big Bang makes a comeback with their new 5th mini album "Alive." In this album there are a total of 7 songs. The 7 songs are Alive as the intro, Blue, Bad Boy, Love dust, It Ain't Fun, Wings a solo sung by Daesung, and my favorite Fantastic Baby. ^^

The song:
This song is very catchy and upbeat. This song makes me want to get up let go and start dancing which is the main point of this energetic song. The first time when I heard this song I thought it was a bit "out there" for me. Then later I realized it was one of those songs that are annoying at first but as you listen to it more you start to fall in love with it. Now I absolutely adore this song and can't stop listening to it.

The MV:
The music video for Fantastic Baby is very ummm... interesting I guess. Don't get me wrong I extremely love the video and I also love the story behind it. It starts with an owl the you see G-dragon sitting on this stone throne. The main feature that stood out at me was his long and orange hair. What did they do to his hair? I am not shocked about it. I know this is G-dragon's usual "fantastic" self and he is known for his sense of fashion but this one stood out to me, I still think he is adorable. Another thing that stood out at me was the wardrobe and of course their shirtless bodies. ^^ Being a girl how can I not notice this. Anyways back to the MV I love the concept to this MV and all the scenes. I really think it fits the song well, also gives it life, and all of the five guys rock in this song.
This MV is "Wow, Fantastic baby!"

Niki: This MV is indeed very special. The style of it is different from the usual k-pop MV, some of the scenes are a bit surprising and definitely raises ones eyebrows. Nonetheless it's one of the most well done K-pop MV. It has a simple enough story outline; breaking free of restrictions and following your heart (or in this case following the music). The different characterization given to each member truly describes their personality. G-Dragon with his ever confident expression and rebellious nature, T.O.P. with his classy and calm, yet powerful look, Taeyang with his raw and rough hip hop style, etc. 

As Pinki said the most surprising thing is G-Dragon's new look. To me there was a hint of Tim Burton's style in there. From his long side bangs and his throne to his makeup and wardrobe, everything had a dark and gothic style, but it still gave off a whimsical and playful feeling. The masked army also stood out to me, it was as if the mask was a symbol of their restrictions. The masks stripped them of their individuality and  limited what they could say (ergo the exaggerated mouth piece). Then at the end when they finally broke free and was rocking out with Big Bang *fan girl moment here*, they start to take their masks off and let them selves free.  

Commenter's Note (Niki): Please excuse my rambling on and on about the mv. I just had a lot to say and I still have a lot to say about it. I'll talk more about it in my upcoming album review of "Alive" and shut up here so I don't flood Pinki's post. BTW congratulations on your first music review ^^


  1. i love Big Bang! i thought this MV is very Big Bang-ish (as in has sort of their signature style) yet with every new MV that they release, it's always refreshing.

    1. Thanks for commenting! The MV definitely shows Big Bang's unique style. They're one of the K-pop groups that I find truly unique and refreshing.