Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Instant Japanese Candy and Toy: Popin' Cookin'

Popin' Cookin' is a popular Japanese candy making kit. The kits comes in a colorful boxes and includes the materials and directions on how to make the candies. There are two main types of Popin' Cookin', an edible kind and a non-edible kind. Both kinds involve mixing different ingredients (usually powders or liquids) that slowly forms into the candy. The non-edible however, will decompose after a period of time.

This creative toy kit was developed in 1978 and has slowly been changing and improving. The first product that came out was called Neruneru-nerune. The product was fairly simple to make, by simply mixing the ingredients together the candy will change its consistency and color. After a couple of minutes, the treat was ready for your enjoyment. Today the kits have branched off to many different products. This includes the pizza, ice cream, and sushi making kits. In these kits the given materials are designed to form the candy into the dishes indicated on the box. The dishes that come out are rather small, but still tastes very good (or so I've heard). The candies and ingredients are also health conscious, as they are made from natural food coloring. These kits are sold mostly in Japan, but are also available online and in several other countries.


This is a popular Popin' Cookin' kit. You can mold the candy into different types of sushi. (I'm personally impressed with the rice! It looks very real.)

These are some of the materials that are included in the sushi making kit. The other kits provide similar materials, but it depends on what type of candy you're making.

The possible product of the kit. Very realistic and appetizing don't you think?

Here are some pictures of the non-edible kits:

                                                Can't believe I can't eat you...*sniff sniff*

There are also videos on YouTube of users making the candy!

Author's Note: 
Hey guys! It's been a while since I've written on the blog. I had been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately with homework and other problems. So I was a bit lazy and unmotivated about writing on the blog. I want to take this chance to apologize. I also want to thank Iris and you guys (readers) for continuing to supporting the blog despite my absence. This post was really fun to write and has really gotten me back on my feet. I was infatuated with these kits when I first found out about them. I remember just clicking on an endless chain of videos wanting to see more. I've never tried them before, but would love to.

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