Friday, March 23, 2012

Song Review: Eric Suen's "Here I Go"

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Released as the lead single off of his album "In the Name of...Love" in 2007, this remains one of my favorite songs from Eric for its musical style and composition.

"Here I Go" is a mellow song with a hint of sadness.   It incorporates Eric's signature emotional vocals, but instead of being a ballad, it is a mid tempo song heavily influenced with R&B.  He proves that his emotional voice is very fitting for the genre.  It is experimentation on his part that was executed extremely well. The track has a great rhythm and beat.  "Here I Go" feels laid back but soulful at the same time, creating a sound that is very pleasing to the ears.  It is simplistic yet well produced.   The result?  A memorable and catchy song that officially secured Eric's place in the Cantopop music industry again after having staged his comeback earlier on in the year.

In general, I'm not fond of any of the MVs that were released under the album "In the Name of...Love".  They are all relatively plain and bleak, and fail to offer anything special.  The MV for "Here I Go" isn't terrible and is a simple backdrop for the great song, but far from his best music video.  As he gained more creative control of his music, his MVs got better and better.

"Here I Go" is a memorable song to me for many reasons.  Its musical style is fantastic and fresh for Cantopop, but it's also the song that first made me a fan of Eric's music as well as the beginning of a deep interest in the musical genre.

Also, listen to the English version here:

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