Monday, October 8, 2012

Dear Jane x Shiga Lin LOL Concert

On September 28th, HK fans of Dear Jane and Shiga Lin had the joy of attending the two Warner artist's joint concert, cleverly titled "LOL", or "Love Out Loud".  Instead of treating it as a formal concert, Dear Jane and Shiga made it more like a party and big fan gathering, making the event even more fun and enjoyable.  Besides for singing their own songs, Dear Jane and Shiga kept things fresh by covering some of each other's songs.  If you didn't have the privilege of seeing them in concert, or just want to relive it, a lot of great fan cams have been uploaded onto YouTube!

A short overview of the LOL concert uploaded by WarnerHK:


Dear Jane's Tim and Shiga sang Shiga's popular English song "I'm Still Loving You" as a duet, and Shiga sang Dear Jane's #1 hit "別說話/Do Not Speak".  The duet version with the two sounded very nice, and Shiga not only brought justice to "Do Not Speak", but sounded absolutely beautiful and sweet.

"放大假/ Long Vacation" (Embedding is not enabled).  Dear Jane and Shiga perform the punk rock anthem from Dear Jane's debut album together.  They don't perform this song live often, and it's one of my personal favorites, so this was a treat to watch.

The finale of the LOL concert, where Dear Jane and Shiga were joined by singer friends Ella Koon and Jason Chan.  Fitting with the laid back party feel of the concert, they closed the concert by singing a medley of various popular songs, including "We Will Rock You", "21 Guns", "Call Me Maybe", "Last Friday Night", "Firework", "Baby", and more.  A fantastic and fun finale where everyone looked like they were having a blast!  So many cute interactions and moments on stage.  Notable things include how Tim and Shiga jump around a LOT while singing, Ella playing electric guitar alongside Howie, and Tim dancing to "Party Rock Anthem" and "Gangnam Style".  They closed the number with a performance of their duet "Love Out Loud".

The audience weren't ready to say goodbye to Dear Jane and Shiga even after the memorable finale, which resulted in two more encore songs:

Dear Jane sang their rock cover of "到此為止/The End", which carries a different feel, but has the same emotion.  Shiga sang her cover of "Yellow Fever", which has an electronic dance club feel.  During the dubstep breakdown, Tim starts doing the dance to Gangnam Style (for the second time)!

Of course, there were a lot more great performances from the night, but I don't want this post to get long.  For more fan cams from the concert, visit chaupakhobackup's and dearjane4eva's channel!

Comments: I was hesitant and doubtful of how a concert with two such different artists would work out, but was pleasantly surprised.  The concert was a hit, with good fan turn out, positive reception, and a whole lot of enthusiasm, both from the audience and the musical acts themselves.  Both Dear Jane and Shiga Lin were a joy to watch alone and even more so together with their talent, onstage presence, and real life friendship.  My only wish was that they had performed more covers of each other's songs.  I was hoping to hear Dear Jane sing "好好過/Movin' On" and Shiga sing "Goodbye".  The concert was still fantastic, and made me like Dear Jane and Shiga even more!

Support Dear Jane and Shiga Lin!
If you live in Hong Kong, buy their "Love Out Loud" EP on iTunes, which includes studio versions of Shiga's cover of "Yellow Fever", Dear Jane's cover of "The End", and their duet "Love Out Loud"!

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