Monday, October 8, 2012

Song Review: Eric Suen's "療Dry/Therapy Dry"

After a year of focusing on acting, Eric Suen finally returns to the Cantopop scene with his upcoming album "A Second Thought", which will be released on October 19th.  In contrast to the first single off the album "給我一秒說愛你/Give Me a Second to Say I Love You", "療Dry/Therapy Dry" is an upbeat track.

"Therapy Dry" is easily the most creative song in Cantopop this year.  It's a ridiculously fun and catchy song with a funky and unique beat.  The lyrics and message of the song are whimsical and clever.  Acting like a social commentary of the working class, the song talks about the dryness of the everyday working life, something I'm sure everyone can relate to somehow.  Eric wrote and produced the song, showing how his creativity and talent has only continued to blossom.

The MV makes the song an even more enjoyable listen.  Eric looks adorable, youthful, and even a bit silly with his sunglasses, style, facial expressions and moves.  I love how he seems aware of his silliness, but doesn't mind and isn't afraid to embrace it and loosen up.  The animation of the MV illustrates and adds to the whimsical feel of the song and lyrics.  Such a cute and fun MV!

From the lyrics, to the musical style, to the MV, in a realm of mostly "dry" mainstream Cantopop music, "Therapy Dry" is the most creative single of the year.  It's refreshing, whimsical, and fun yet incorporates such an easy to relate to meaning.  With great material like this, my respect and love for Eric as an artist continues to grow and he remains one of my favorites.  I can't wait to see what his latest album has in store!

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