Monday, October 29, 2012

Song Review: Ailee's "I Will Show You"

After captivating everyone with her voice at the beginning of the year, rookie soloist Ailee is finally back with her new single "I Will Show You".  So how does it compare to her debut single and smash hit "Heaven"?

"I Will Show You" carries a nice musical composition.  It goes from a slower, more mysterious beat to a faster, dance beat which works well.  Not surprisingly, Ailee once again captivates with her voice and vocal range.  She goes from singing at a more lower and gentle register during the verses to showing off her voice in the chorus.   Purely musically and vocally, the song is great.

Unfortunately,  the lyrics and message of the song are a huge turn off.  In short, the song is basically saying a guy left his girlfriend, and she'll "show him" by presenting a more "beautiful" her, summed up in the lines "I will show you a completed changed me, I will show you a way prettier me". Much of the lyrics are superficial, including "I will meet a hotter guy and I will show you for sure, A me who is happier than you" and "With my high heels and short skirt, everyone turns to look at me".

The music video helps to lessen the superficialness nature of the song.  At the end, there is a shot of Ailee is shown embracing with her ex-boyfriend, who has just come back to her, with a mischievous smile on her face suggesting revenge.  This hints that she used the sexy facade to lure her ex back in then break his heart the way he broke hers.  While the end of the video makes the song better, the lyrics itself fail to show this and seem to be falsely saying that to feel better and attract guys, you need to make yourself sexy.

Ailee is undoubtedly an immensely talented singer, and if I had no idea what the song was about, I'd love it.  The composition of it is superb.  However, I just can't get over the lyrics and message of the song.  I still love Ailee's voice though, and will be checking out her album "Invitation".

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