Thursday, May 10, 2012

Song Review - Dear Jane's "Yellow Fever"

Cantonese rock/punk band Dear Jane continues their growing success with "Yellow Fever", their most successful single yet.

"Yellow Fever" consists of ridiculously catchy lyrics and familiar pop elements, while combining it with their signature rock and punk sound.  Making a surprise appearance is even a wicked dub step breakdown.  The theme and music video of the song is quite whimsical, making it more quirky.  As usual, Dear Jane doesn't disappoint by retaining their heavier rock style.  The song is fun, catchy, and infectious while being edgy and rebellious sounding.  "Yellow Fever" manages to satisfy fans of rock and the band itself, while possibly introducing themselves to listeners of more mainstream music.

The more I listen to their music, the more Dear Jane grows on me.  With talent and the support of a great label like Warner, I definitely see them becoming more and more successful.  I'm psyched that the song has reached #1 on the 903 and Metroinfo charts!  It makes me very happy that a rock band is gaining significant mainstream and commercial success in Hong Kong.  Congratulations guys! This means a lot for the return of rock and bands to the Hong Kong music industry!

Dear Jane, keep being the awesome rockers you are!


  1. i dont get why lots of asian MV has white chicks in them i dont know why but thats how it is....asian chicks rocks

    1. Thanks for commenting! That's true, but in this case, I think the song is saying so many people like Asians, including white girls. Thus, "yellow fever", haha. Also, several MVs are also shot on location, like G.E.M.'s, which prominently feature white people. It's also supposed to boost the Western appeal I suppose.