Thursday, May 10, 2012

Song Review: Van Ness Wu & 2PM's Junho's "Undefeated/不敗"

The worlds of C-Pop and K-Pop collide!  Real life friends Taiwanese King Van Ness Wu and K-Pop boy band 2PM's Junho have come together to make a great collaboration and song.

"Undefeated" is a upbeat and fresh track with very sweet and positive lyrics.  The song says that people will get hurt in love, but that doesn't mean one should give up on it.  It opens with a gentle piano before flowing into a techno influenced beat.  I love how while it contains techno elements, it keeps a light and airy feel that makes the song feel so sweet and pleasant to the ears.  

Both of the guys vocals are solid and sweet.  Their verses sound especially romantic and dreamy, before flowing into the upbeat chorus.  Junho's Mandarin sounds great!

The music video is simple, playful, and cute.  The song, along with the MV, is sure to make you smile! It fits the fresh and idol-driven music industries of Taiwan and Korea, but is still a solid song with great musical production and style at the same time.  

Overall, a superb collaboration between Taiwan and Korea.  Hope to see more artists from different regions collaborate.  Perhaps a Korean and Hong Kong artist can team up in the future?


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