Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kelvin Kwan and Hins Cheung Perform "四面楚歌/Distress Everywhere" on RTHK's "Music on the Move"

On May 19th, HK singers Kelvin Kwan and Hins Cheung appeared on RTHK's musical variety show "Music on the Move".  The two were interviewed, and performed their latest singles (Hin's "
壯舉/Strong Move" and Kelvins "我這一代人/People of My Generation".  Most notably, they sang hit single "四面楚歌/Distress Everywhere" for the first time together.  The song was originally recorded by Kelvin and Cantopop princess Kay Tse in 2008, and written by Hins.

Author's Note: Awesome performance by Kelvin and Hins!  Although I think this song will always be best sung with Kay's serene vocals, it was a fun and energetic performance.  Their voices blended well.  Hin's vocals were superb, and pulled off Kay's verses with a deep register.  It's also always a treat to hear Kelvin rap!  The song also sounded great with a live band.  One of my favorite Cantopop songs!

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