Monday, May 21, 2012

Song Review: G.E.M.'s "What Have U Done"

Like a chameleon, G.E.M. completely transforms her image and style to follow up her inspiring smash hit single "Someday I'll Fly"!

G.E.M. finally experiments with the rock sound I've been waiting for her to try.  With her powerhouse vocals and energy, she pulls it off fantastically.  The song "What Have U Done" shows the edgy, rebellious, and diva like side of her.

The lyrics seem to talk about people in general, and how some people think they're better than others, when they're really not.  With my developing knowledge of Cantonese, I was able to catch the lines "Some think that when they put on heels, they will be taller/higher than others". 

In the MV, G.E.M. seems to channel Lady Gaga with the unconventional and over the top costumes.  I can't say I like the MV, and it is a bit too much, but surprisingly didn't make me cringe or hate it.  I just don't love it, and the image is a bit too far off from G.E.M.  On a side note...what is up with G.E.M. and never spelling out the word "You" in her singles?

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