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The Ferris Wheel Affair (爱情的摩天轮)

People say that love can last forever; that it can defy space and time. But can it defy even life and death? Stories such as Romeo and Juliet, Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai says it can. Those stories were passed down from long ago, so who knows if they are true. Can such a tragic, but moving story happen in our materialistic world? If we can look into a modern day story of love separated by death, what would it be like?

Rosie Li Rei Xi has always been a dreamer who believes in fairy tales and magic. She wasn't beautiful, but she wasn't homely either. She never excelled, but she's never failed. She was just an average girl, a simple girl. All she wished for was to be happy, and all she wants is to find her "prince charming" and live happily with her family.

Aaron Yu An Ji was also a very "normal" guy. He lived alone in a small apartment and takes the bus to his college every day. He has a passion for photography however, and wishes to travel the world taking pictures of the happy moments in the world.

These two strangers crossed paths on a fateful ride on the Flying Ferris Wheel. It was a cool autumn day, both were attracted to the grand opening of the Happy Together Amusement Park. Upon entering the two of them received a coupon for 5 free ride on the ferris wheel.

Rosie went in and indulged in her inner child with candy, snacks, and various games. While Aaron went around capturing pictures of happy scenes. The two of them both decided to end their trip with a ride on the ferris wheel. They ended up in the same cubicle and started a friendly conversation.

Rosie: Wow! The scenery is so beautiful, don't you think?
Aaron looked up from his camera and smiled
Aaron: Yea, sure is.
Rosie: You're a photographer?
Aaron: I'm just an amateur, but I want to become an established one soon. Then, I'll travel the world and take pictures of all the priceless moments in the world.
Rosie: That's great! I hope you'll be able to get your dream soon. As for me, I just want to fall in love and settle down.
Aaron smiled at her.

Just then, a shooting star shot across the night sky.
Rosie: A shooting star!
Rosie's eyes brightened as she clasped her hands together and turned towards the window. She closed her eyes and made a wish. Aaron took a quick picture of her before she noticed. Rosie opened her eyes to see Aaron smiling and chuckled softly.
Rosie: What?
Aaron: Nothing, you just looked so into it. What did you wish for?
Rosie: If I tell you it won't come true.
The rest of the ride was filled with laughter as the two of them exchanged interests.
When the ride was over, the two exchanged their goodbyes and went their separate ways.

At home, Aaron developed the film and went through the photos. He was especially fond of the picture of Rosie. He flipped to the back and named it "A Dreamer's Wish". On Rosie's side, she was also reminiscing about her day. The moments between her Aaron kept playing in her head. It was so funny how she could talk endlessly with a guy she just met.

The alarm clock rang at 7:30, waking Rosie up from a deep sleep. She rushed to get ready and bolted out of the house. It was her first day of college and she was already late. She stumbled into her English lecture and caught the eyes of the students. Embarrassed, she kept her head down while the teacher gave her a scolding. She then quietly took her place. Coincidentally Aaron was the next to stumble into the door.  Aaron took the seat next to Rosie and nodded at her.  The professor blew his top and gave everyone a lecture about tardiness. Rosie took out a post it note and passed it to Aaron.

Rosie: You too huh?
Aaron looked confused, so Rosie took the note back and wrote one more line.
Rosie:You were late too?
Aaron smiled and nodded, blushing.

And that's how they met. Out of coincidence, or maybe was it fate? Whichever it was, the two were inseparable after that. They were seen together everyday. At first, it was just because of their compatibility as friends, but it gradually grew to much more. They promised each other that every year, to celebrate their anniversary, they would go back to the ferris wheel and use the punch cards as proof of their time together.

Year in and year out, it was now their senior year in college. They were soon to graduate and the two had big, big plans for their future.

On their fourth anniversary, they had their ferris wheel date as usual. But this year, Aaron was planning to do something more. When the ferris wheel stopped at the very top, Aaron suddenly got down on his knees and held out a small heart shaped box. Rosie's eyes widened. Is this what she thinks it is? Aaron smiled and continued.

Aaron: Rosie, we've known each other for four years now, and every year I love you a little more. I don't know what will happen after graduation, but I do know that what ever happens, I need you by my side. I love you so much. Will you marry me?

Rosie was speechless. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she smiled brightly. She didn't know what else to do but nod. Aaron gently slid the ring onto her finger and came up to hug her.  

That night Rosie admired her ring. The ring was simple and plain. It didn't have any diamonds on it, just a small carved out heart in the middle. Even though it was plain, to Rosie, it was the most expensive and beautiful ring in the world.

The next morning Rosie was running around frantically making sure everything was ready for graduation. She ran out the door and called Aaron. Aaron answered saying that he was just around the block. Rosie looked across the crossroad to see Aaron running up. She smiled brightly and waved, motioning him to hurry. As he ran across the intersection, Rosie's smile disappeared into a distressed face. A car had suddenly came swerving and hit Aaron. Rosie runs, crying, to his side.

It's been two weeks since Aaron's death now. Rosie can't seem to pull herself together. Every where she looked or went, she would see Aaron. After Aaron's funeral, Rosie had stayed in her room and had not gone out since. Concerned, her mom tried to console her.

Mrs. Li (Rosie's mom): Honey, please eat something.
She entered the room with a tray of food. Gently she laid the tray down and sat next to her daughter on her bed.
Rosie: I'm fine.
Rosie said in a weak and monotonous voice. Her eyes didn't leave the window. It had been raining since Aaron's funeral last week.
Rosie: It's crying...
Mrs. Li: Who's crying?
Her mom asked in a concerned voice.
Rosie: The's knows he's gone.
There was a long pause. Mrs. Li still doesn't understand.
Rosie: It's crying for misses him, just like I do.
Rosie continued. Her voice got softer and softer as she talked, by the end it  was nothing more than a whisper.
Mrs. Li: Sweetie, I know you're sad, but you can't keep torturing yourself. The truth is that Aaron's gone.
Another long pause went by before Rosie replied.
Rosie: The truth...the truth is's my fault. It's my fault that he's gone! If I hadn't rushed him...then...
Rosie said struggling to hold back her tears. She laid her head down on her knees and wrapped her arms around her knees, trying to block out the world.
Mrs. Li: It's not your fault. You can't think like that. Aaron's death was just an accident....
Seeing no response from her, Mrs. Li retreated.
Mrs. Li: I'll just leave the food here then. Keep warm honey.
She said as she took Rosie's jacket and draped it across her shoulders. With that, she quietly went out of the room.

After emptying all of her tears, Rosie looked up. She tugged at the jacket and pulled it to her lap. It was the jacket she wore on the day of the accident. Suddenly, she remembered something. She reached into the pocket and pulled out the heart shaped box. It was the box that held Aaron's proposal ring (which Rosie was still wearing). Rosie opened, the now empty box, and stared at it. She could remember that night perfectly, it was like a dream. A very beautiful dream that is now nothing more than a memory.  As she pulled back to reality something caught her eye. There was a small tab on the roof of the box. Slowly, Rosie pulled back the tab and out fell a photo.
She unfolded the photo and realized it was a picture of her. "A Dreamer's Wish" was written across the bottom. She noticed the date, it was their first meeting. *So that was what he was smiling about.*  She turned the photo over and saw a short letter written on the back.

The letter read:

Dear Rosie,
Since the day we met you've been my source of happiness and inspiration. Your smile is the brightest thing in my life. I've never doubt about my feelings for you, it is what I am most confident about in my life. No matter what happens in the future, I'll be there for you, protecting you. I am writing you this letter, and you may never read it, but I wanted to express my feelings before I propose to you. As my last secret confession before we start our lives together. 
                                                              Love (and forever love), Aaron

Rosie closed the letter and wiped her teaars that were drowing her. Without thinking she grabbed her jacket and ran outside.
Rosie: I'll be going out for a while!
She told her mom.
Mrs. Li: Ok...Be safe !

Outside, she walked slowly, observing the surrounding around her. Everything looked alien to her, as if she had just came here for the first time. After a long while of walking, she finally arrived at the "Flying Ferris Wheel." Rosie reached into her pocket and took out the punch card. *The last one* she thought to herself. She went into the pod, alone this time. Rosie rode the first half in silence. When the pod stopped at the top of the wheel, Rosie looked up to see a shooting star. It was like the one Rosie and Aaron had seen on their first meeting. Rosie clasped her hands together, closed her eyes, and made a wish. Her wish was the same as the last. *I wish, for the same wish 4 years ago. I wish for Aaron's happiness.* Just then, she felt a tingling sensation against her cheek and a warm feeling enveloping her.  The warm sensation felt just like when  Aaron used to hug her. She opened her eyes and smiled gently. *You're here aren't you? Looking over me...* Rosie thought. Feeling much better, she closed her eyes and started to reminisce about all of their memories. At the end of the ride she opened her eyes and said towards the sky:

Rosie: I'll move on now, I'll get back up and make you proud of me. So you won't have to worry about me anymore. But do watch over me from time to time, ok?

Just as she had finished she looked to her right and saw a rose next to her. She picked up the rose and held it close. The pod's door opened and Rosie stood up. Before leaving, she turned and whispered, "Thank You".

Being on the ferris wheel made Rosie realize something. Her feelings for Aaron hasn't changed and they won't ever change. No matter where she is in her life, Aaron is a special part of her. She shouldn't wallow in misery, it'll only make Aaron's love for her worthless.

After that day, Rosie had gotten back to her old self. She decided to live Aaron's dream for him. Now she's traveling the world as a freelance writer and photographer, capturing all the beautiful and happy scenes around the world, just as Aaron had wanted to do. She even started a blog titled, "Aaron's Journey" in which she posts daily about her journey to different countries, and each posts are dedicated to Aaron.

Author's Note: I typed this up a while ago and I'm finally posting it. It was supposed to be published near Valentines Day, but I kept postponing it. I came up with this story based on a Fahrenheit song called "Lonely Ferris Wheel". I loved the song and especially the lyrics, but I was really disappointed with the MV. So, I kind of made my own storyline based off of the concept of the song.

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