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Respectable Rookies of 2011 Part 2: Boy Band Edition

During 2011, there weren't many rookie boy bands (sadly v.v). 2011 was mostly focused on the comebacks of our sunbaes (seniors), but there were three rookie bands that stood out and were popular.

BOYFRIEND: Boyfriend is a six-member, Korean boy group that debuted from Starship Entertainment. The members are Kim Dong Hyun, Shim Hyun Seong, Lee Jeong Min, Jo Young Min, Jo Kwang Min [Young Min and Kwang Min are twins *o*] and No Min Woo. Boyfriend debuted on Mnet’s: M!Countdown on May 26, 2011 with their single "Boyfriend." They instantly got famous for their cutie boy looks and by August 10, 2011 they already had an official fan base, "Best Friends” and “GIRLFRIEND.” After their promotions of Boyfriend they came out with “You & I”. Soon after their first two debut songs, BOYFRIEND and You & I. Their second single teaser, "Don't Touch My Girl," came out on September 2011. Then Boyfriend came out with another single showing their “prince” look ^^ on December 2011, Boyfriend came out with their third single album "I'll Be There". Their music video features former T-ARA member Yang Ji Won >w<. 

Dani: I really love boyfriend I one of those “best friends” I'm pretty sure that I am one of those fan that are into those “prince/flower boy” look Cx But what I think really makes me love them even more is theirdance moves. I was used to U-kiss and BEAST's dances moves, but when I first saw “Boyfriend” their dance choreography totally surprised me. I mean it was totally awesome!! They all had their own different moves for each part, but then they were soooo in sync and the timing was perfect. When the chorus came they all somehow came together as one, so I was especially shocked at that. Their dancing and singing were awesome, but something had to be wrong. Sorry, but…I didn’t like the MV for Boyfriend. It was confusing, at first I thought it was Young Min who was giving the present, but I thought it was Kwang Min. Then in the end it was Min Woo who was giving the present to the girl. I’m not sure if I was the only one that was confused, but that didn’t get to me; it just the MV bugs me that’s all ^^ Then Boyfriend surprised me in “Don’t Touch My Girl” with their awesome dance moves, but this time I equally liked the mv and their dance moves ^^ It was cute how all the guys had their special moment with the girl. [It kinda reminded me of Fahrenheit song “Only Have Feelings for You” ft. Hebe from S.H.E] The dance was what I expected and I was happy. ^^ There also was a plus in the MV ;D Did anyone but me totally love their prince like outfit *v* [Young Min especially looked like a prince ;3] Then Boyfriend come out with “I’ll Be There,” I was really happy that Boyfriend came out with another single, so I had high expatiations. I liked everything about “I’ll Be There” except two things. One, the beginning where Kwang Min was with the girl. Yeah that part…to me it had nothing to do with the music video -____-; they could have had a little part in the end or something, but to me it was useless. Secondly, I liked everything from their dance moves except for one part when they go down and rub something off their knees. Again it was unnecessary and it looked awkward with the rest of their dance moves. Also there were some awkward pauses in the song where they do some weird dance movement. I don’t know how to explain it, but if you see the MV you will get it.. -__-; Overall I think Boyfriend is the most successful rookie group of 2011.

B1A4: B1A4 is a five member Korean boy group that debuted from WM Entrainment. The members are Jin Young, CNU, Sandeul, Baro, and Gongchan. The reason for their name, B1A4, is based on their blood type. Baro is the only one in the group that has Blood Type B. so the where B1 came from. The other four Jinyoung, Gongchan, CNU, Sandeul have Blood Type A and that is where A4 comes from ^^. Other than it standing for their blood type, it also stands for "Be The One, All For One.” [B1A4 also has another cute nickname, “countryside-dolls” it’s all because they are all from different places in the Korean countryside.] B1A4 debuted on April 2011 with their mini album "O.K." Then soon after the promotions for “O.K” they came out their second single “Beautiful Target” on September 15, 2011. B1A4 was placed number 22 on the Hanteo Charts! That made them the only rookie bands that debuted in the same year, to make it to the top 50. Soon after that, they debuted in Japan with Pony Canyon Entertainment. After debuting in Japan more people were interested in them and in their showcase they sold out tickets in one minute!

Dani: B1A4 is actually on my top favorite rookie bands of 2011. It’s a tie between BOYFRIEND and B1A4, it’s just I favor BOYFRIEND more. But I still love B1A4; they are more of a playful boy band. Their dance moves aren't in sync like Boyfriend, but they are more fun. I love their energy and they seem to be very entertaining. When I first heard "O.K." I love it, it was so cute and it was very catchy. The MV was in a cute set, I didn’t have any problems with it. I thought it was nice how there was so many cute colors and it wasn’t all black. The only problem I had with the song was with their English. For a long time I thought they said “OH, K-POP” I thought they were saying how awesome k-pop is.But then I found out that they just said “OK, GIRL” -___-; I don’t know if it was me that had the same problem But then “Beautiful Target” came out, and it didn’t take me a long time to fall in love with it. I think it’s my favorite song from B1A4. I love song and the dance. I’m not sure if there are definite dance moves, but it was so cute. Their outfits for Beautiful Target …well I thought they looked so cute with the tiger suit and that big kitten paw. During the music video they were interactive with their fans, which I didn’t mind. ^^ The only problem I had with “Beautiful Target” was the first 15 seconds. I didn’t get the monkey man in the lab and then a random girl came out of nowhere. Yea...That was weird…. All in all B1A4 is an awesome band and so far they are doing good for a rookie band.

Block B: Block B is a seven member Korean boy group that was created by Cho PD under his label Brand New Stardom Entertainment. The members are Zico, Tae Il, B-Bomb, Jae Hyo, U-Kwon, Kyung, and P.O.  Block B is mostly known their rapping and hip hop. Their first single was “Freeze!” which came out on April 13, 2011.“Freeze!” had a lot of problems when it first debuted. Korean television thought that their moves where inappropriate to air on Korean television so they couldn't air it before 10 PM. After “Freeze!” Block B came out with their first mini album “New Kids on the Block” on June 23, 2011 with their second single “Tell Them.”
Dani: I actually didn’t like Block B at first, but slowly I grew to like them. I think the reason why I didn’t like them at first was because the first song I heard from them was “Tell Them,” I didn’t like the setting on the MV and I thought they were trying to act gangster. Gangster and K-pop don’t go together and I hate it when k-pop try to act like American gangsters. There is a reason why people love k-pop more than American music. The MV just bugged me, but then the song was catchy so I ended up liking the song. I actually liked the dance in the MV. Later on “Tell Them” became more popular so I decided to watch it again and I actually liked the music video. They reminded me a lot of B1A4 and so I started to love them. After listening to “Tell Them” I found out about “Freeze.” I liked the MV for “Freeze!” more than “Tell Them,” but I still think that “Tell Them” was more catchy. Their outfits for “Freeze” reminded me of “I’m the best” by 2NE1 and a mixture of TVXQ and Big Band. [Hard to explain] They had a very edgy look and their dance moves were awesome.

Conclusion (by Niki): Even though 2011 was not the best year to look for rookie boy bands, there were still some shining stars. In K-pop, girl groups make up the majority of idols making it hard to focus on boy bands. Especially in 2011, where over 20 girl groups debut and the rush of comebacks from well-respected seniors, it was amazing how these groups pulled through. Proving that boy bands are not fading in K-Pop.

Author's Note:

Niki - Sorry it took so long to post the second half of the rookie post. Since I'm not very fond of boy bands and I don't know that many, I had our guest writer Dani write this post. It took me a while to remind (bug) her about writing it. I also want to take this chance and thank everyone who checked out me girl group edition.
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Remember to comment about your favorite boy bands in 2011. I hope you guys enjoy this post as well as the rest of our blog!
P.S.: This post probably broke the record for the longest time it takes to proofread something. T^T

Dani - Hello~
Okay so first of all sorry for being so late. The reason why it took me so long is because first i had to study first for my finals then when they were over i wrote but then my sister deleted it and then i finally post it @o@ anyway this post is my first but more will come since I finally have free time ^^ it was fun writing the post because I learned little more about each band while writing more about them.

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