Saturday, February 4, 2012

K-Drama Review: You're Beautiful

You're Beautiful also know as He's Beautiful, A.N. Jell, and You're Handsome is a Korean drama about an idol group A.N. Jell. The band A.N. Jell is in search for their fourth member which happens to be Mi Nam. However, when Mi Nam is injured, Mi Nyu, his twin sister is to step in his place until he recovers and be the fourth member for A.N. Jell. At first she refuses but to fulfill her brother and her own dream to find their mother she agrees.

Main Cast:
Jang Geun Suk: Hwang Tae Kyung

The leader of the group A.N. Jell. There are lots of confusion about his real mother in the drama. He is a very stubborn character and thinks of himself as a great person. He has night blindness and is very concerned about cleanliness.

Park Shin Hye: Go Mi Nam (Male)/ Go Mi Nyu (Female)

Go Mi Nam (Male)/ Go Mi Nyu (Female) are twin brothers and sister. They both grew up in an orphanage. Mi Nam the brother was chosen to be the fourth member for A.N.Jell, but since his accident, his sister Mi Nyu had to take his place. She tries her best to be a good member in the group. Having to spend time with the group leader she starts to have feelings for him. However later on her true identity unravels.

Lee Hong Ki: Kang On Yu/ Jeremy
Jeremy is an English-Korean member in the group. His father is a English noble man. He is bubbly and has a bright personality. He always believed that he could never be friends with a girl. However that all changes when he meets Go Mi Nyn.

Jung Young Hwa: Kang Shin Woo

Shin woo is a very calm and solemn person. He never has feelings for anything. He is a prince with no heart and he never smiles at anyone.

Extended cast:

UEE: Yoo He Yi
Yoo He Yi is known as the fake fairy. She is really jealous of Go Mi Nam getting all the attention form the other members of A.N. Jell, especially Hwang Tae Kyung who she has fallen in love with. She is constantly causing trouble fro Go Mi Nam and trying to interfere with her and Hwang Tae Kyung's relationship. When she finds out Go Mi Nam's secret she wants to revel it to the press.

Bae Geu Rin: Sa Yu Ri
Fan club president

Kim In Kwon: Ma Hoon Yi
Mi Nam's manger

Choi Ran : Choi Mi Ja
Mi Nam's and Mi Nyu's aunt

Kis Sung Ryung: Mo Haw Ran

Jung Chan: President Ahn

Choi Soo Eun: Wang Kko Di

My Thoughts:
You're Beautiful was my first Korean drama. This drama is really fun and interesting to watch. I recommend this drama for anyone who is into romance and comedy. There are so may comedic scenes that made me laugh so hard. After watching this drama I watched other dramas and before I even noticed I was in love with Korean dramas. I give this drama full stars.
I LOVE this drama.


  1. I love Korean drama too besides TVB! This show was recommended to me by Krystal. I enjoyed it v much & there are many more really really good k drama around! So welcome to the world of k drama!

  2. Queen_owl, this review wasn't written by me. ;) It was written by one of our guest writers, Pinki. You'll find the author of each post at the end. This is the second time someone thought I wrote this. Aw, I would've thought you guys could recognize my writing style by now! Or at least know I'm incapable of being so vague, haha. I will get around to trying a Kdrama eventually. Maybe summer.

  3. Iris: no i knew you weren't the one who wrote this review, but i thought all of you sorta know each other through your various online interests, since krystal is into both tvb, kpop and k drama. that was why i mentioned krystal in it. :)

  4. Oh, ok! The "welcome to the world of Kdrama" threw me off. :)

  5. an amazing drama. Shin Hye is adorable.