Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Segments!!!

Hi, everyone!

For this post, I would like to introduce our new segments and give my opinion on some things.

So, we haven't been doing this blog for too long, but we already have some feedback that we would like to address. We have been recommending this blog to our friends, but our usual comment is, "It's nice, but I don't know a lot about Asian entertainment, so I didn't really read into it."

Well, that's sort of the point! Besides wanting to voice our opinion, this blog is a way for everyone to get to know something new and different. If you still don't like our posts after reading them or find them annoying or disagree, then leave. But please, at least give it a chance. ^^

Now, without further ado, Iris and I would like to present our two new segments: Newsworthy and Broaden the Horizon!

Newsworthy is a segment where Iris and I will comment on a certain news article or event. Most news that come up in the entertainment industry is basically event updates or scandals. The big part of it is mostly gossip and can be annoying sometimes. So, we would like to turn it into something more constructive and enjoyable. Every now and then we will choose an article or event to write about. First, we will post the original article, then we will write our opinion and comments on the bottom. This segment was inspired by, whose interesting and insightful comments on the usually ridiculous news worth reading.

Broaden The Horizon is ideally a place where the staff of A.E. Experience talk about how we've broaden our own horizons. We also hope that by doing this we can broaden the horizons of our readers as well.

Both of these segments will be interactive ones. Just like our A.E. Insights, which people seemed to have enjoy.
We're really excited for what's coming and hope you guys are too! Thanks everyone!

P.S. I hope I didn't sound too mean on the top half of the post. I was just a bit hurt that people won't give something new a chance.

Iris: Isn't A.E. Experience's creator like a star shining brighter and brighter?  While we thought of these two features together, I'm very proud of what Niki's done with the blog and impressed by her vision and creativity! :)  Please continue to support!  We've got a lot of great stuff coming up and I'm very excited for it! 


  1. Sounds interesting ^^

  2. Anonymous - Thank you! Stick around to see it happen! :)

    1. Hey iris this was pinki lol haha
      I just posted the comment at anonymous