Friday, April 27, 2012

New Banner: Ella Chen Edition

A.E. Experience is out with another new banner and layout. This time it is in honor of the lovely Ella Chen's upcoming wedding. Ella will be getting married on May 1st to her boyfriend (or fiance at this point), Alvin Lai. As some readers might know, I have been a long time fan of S.H.E. and hearing about their back to back weddings warm my heart. I was unable to do a banner for Selina when she had her wedding (probably because this blog didn't exist back then ;D), so I was insistent on doing a banner for Ella as soon as I heard of her wedding plans.

Picture Orders:
On the top, I have gathered pictures of S.H.E. throughout the years.
On the left and right are Ella and S.H.E.'s collaboration with other artists (mostly Fahrenheit xD, but Jerry Yan is in there too!)
On the bottom are solo pictures of Ella showing off all of her different charms.
And finally, in the middle, is a picture of her and Alvin together.

I wish the couple long years of happiness and success in all that they do.

P.S.: I just realized that I didn't put the blog name on this banner, but oh well! ^^ The main point is that Ella and Alvin look so sweet together.

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