Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Song Review: Dear Jane's "Goodbye"

Dear Jane tells listeners that goodbye is just a new beginning in their breathtaking new single "Goodbye".

The song opens with gently playing electric guitar strings and Tim's vocals, followed by the build up of Jackal on drums. Through out the song, it takes a gentle beat on the verses before playing in powerful unison in the choruses. Tim's vocals sound fantastic here. He may sing upbeat pop/punk rock songs most, but still has a lovely voice and I was pleasantly impressed with his ability to sing with such gentleness yet power when the song called for it. I also love how Howie provides back up vocals in the latter half.

"Goodbye" is a soft yet powerful pop rock ballad that captures such emotion, sentimentality, and passion. Words can not describe how much I'm in love with this song. It's phenomenal and moving. The melody is gorgeous.

The MV was filmed perfectly and compliments the song flawlessly. It is filmed with a vintage style with soft focus, calling for the video to be dominated by calming light blue's, white's, and gray's. The backdrop of the beach with its ocean, rocks, and breeze was beautiful, peaceful, and completely fitting. The band playing on the rocks with the waves and stunning background behind them made it simplistic yet powerful, moving, and full of beauty.

Dear Jane is proving to be such a versatile band with so much talent and promise. Over the last few months, I've been continuously growing to love them more and more. They've tried so many different styles and pull them all off so well. Their latest single is no exception. "Goodbye" is an absolutely beautiful song that carries so much feeling and power. It definitely goes on my list of highlights of the year. I have been replaying it over and over again.

Dear Jane's fourth album "Yellow Fever" will be released on September 4th! Support this amazing band!


  1. hi~
    i love that song also,
    how do u feel about the "key"?
    nearly at the end ,the chorus ?
    fall and rise again~
    it impressed me

    1. The key is indeed very nice and impressive. Beautiful song!