Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Song Review: Kary Ng's "狠狠/Ferociously"

Kary Ng goes retro for her latest single "狠狠/Ferociously", making it her first dance oriented song in years!  Known for her midtempo songs and love ballads, the young female songstress increases her versatility and well roundedness with her newest plug.

"Ferociously" details a love affair at its most intense with a retro electronic dance musical style, making it a unique, catchy, and addictive song.  There are some attempts at Cantopop dance songs every now and then, most of which I don't thoroughly enjoy because they tend to feel like they're too Western influenced, not innovative, and often, overdosed with auto tune.  "Ferociously" is my favorite Cantopop dance song now.  It's not only upbeat, catchy, and something you could actually dance to, but also stylish, creative, refreshing, and different.  I love the uniquely retro style of the song, which fits Kary very well.  It's great that Kary and her musical team are trying new things, and I'm looking forward to hearing more dance songs from her!

The MV has Kary herself dancing for the first time in an MV since her solo debut days, which I think is great.  She looks so much more mature and better now!  The only thing is I wish they could release a full version of the dance sequence, as you only see bits and pieces of it.  The "evil pig" masks were quite freaky and creepy, and were apparently part of an abstract theme which sought to say Kary could overcome evil like that.  I don't think this theme was executed too well, but at least it was creative and amusing.  The plot of the MV is questionable, but it's nice to see more effort being put into Cantopop music videos.  The MV is fun, quirky, and well shot.

This has quickly become one of my new favorites from Kary.  She is only getting better and better!  "Ferociously" is definitely a song worth checking out, especially if you're looking for something fun and different.


  1. Ah yes I love this song too! Never heard Kary sing a fast song until now~ I think the mv is quite interesting, different and I love how she looks when she was walking on the streets with the bold red hair and her outfit was very Rihanna like! This is probably the only song I've listened to properly out of the whole "My January" album. I haven't had a chance to listen to the other songs yet but will do so soon since her album is available on iTunes now ^.^

    1. She's released a couple of fast songs, but they weren't singles and weren't as good as her slower ones. Haha, her outfit and hair did look like something Rihanna would wear. So bold, funky, and different. :P I actually haven't listened to "My January" thoroughly yet, other than this song and Confessions. I like the first track tho! From videos I've seen of her talking about the album, she was quite involved. She wrote the first track, directed the MV for Confessions, and helped revise and improve this song. Love this song! :D