Saturday, August 4, 2012

Staff Song Review: Wonder Girls' "Like This"

The Wonder Girls are back again with their new mini album "Wonder Party", and their title track "Like This" is taking over the charts.

Niki: "Like This" has a light hip hop sound with a repetitive hook and chorus. The song, unlike their past material, has a simple feel to it making it refreshing to watch and listen to. Since it is quite different from the Wonder Girls' previous songs, it took some getting used to. At first, I wasn't so fond of it. The line "Like this yo, like this", got me cringing slightly. However, after a couple more listens, I found myself hooked onto it because of the fun and uplifting feel it gives off. The lyrics are simple and gets a bit repetitive, but has an uplifting message and sound. Even if you don't understand Korean, you'll know that this song's purpose is to just get people up, dancing, and having fun.

What I like most about this comeback is the dance and the Wonder Girls' casual and down-to-earth image. The dance for the song looks extremely fun and I love how the dance moves are incorporated into the lyrics.  I also really liked the Wonder Girls' image for this comeback. Usually, they have very costume-like and uniform-like outfits for comebacks. However, this time, they have a more casual look and the outfits are fun, colorful, and each member has their own individual style.

The MV for this song goes along with its simple and fun vibe. In the MV, the Wonder Girls start a flash mob in the courtyard of a plaza. Everyone, including the elderly people and young kids, were just dancing and having fun (and I have to say, everyone was awesome at dancing). This type of simplicity is rarely done in K-pop which is why I really liked and appreciated this MV. It was different and simple, but still fun (more fun than watching the idols dance in sets with odd backdrops/surroundings).

Iris: Niki has pretty much said everything that should've been said. I wasn't too fond of "Like This" at first either, but it quickly grew on me. While repetitive, it's fresh, fun, and even a little funky. It's upbeat but refreshing feel makes it a great song for summer. There's so much energy in it!

The simplicity in this recent K-Pop release is definitely one to be praised. For once, the MV is not random or over the top. The video just makes you smile and want to join in the flash mob and just dance! The vibe of the MV is just so care free and natural, and so are the girl's images here. They don't look like manufactured Barbie dolls in uniform, they just look like youthful, stylish, and real girls.

Niki: Overall, I really like Wonder Girls' "Like This" with its fun and upbeat sound and dance. The simpleness was also a refreshing change to K-pop's usual extravagant productions. This comeback proves that sometimes simplicity can be bliss.

Iris: Agree with Niki 100%! "Like This" proves itself as a great song for the summer, or just one to get up and move to.


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