Thursday, August 2, 2012

AE Experience Returns From Hiatus!

It's been a bleak period for AE Experience, with Niki and I somehow getting away with no updates for over a month due to vacation and laziness. We are now returning from hiatus, and hope to continue providing reviews and updates of all types of Asian entertainment. We have also become one of few sources on the web to cover Cantopop news and critiques, and we hope to further develop on that. AE Experience is still determined to become the best Asian entertainment blog out there!

Iris: After a relaxing month long getaway from home, I'm back to continue writing. Expect Cantopop catch ups on concerts, album and song reviews that released while we were on hiatus from me first. I will also be continuing my fanfic "Till the World Ends".

Niki: I've been SUPER lazy lately, so I hope that i'll post something soon. Iris and I are working on the Wonder Girls' "Like This" song review and it's been delayed for a while, but we'll get to posting it. I'll also be changing the layout soon.

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