Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Younha's "Supersonic" Album Review

After a long lawsuit dispute with her former record label, Younha, one of Korea's most underrated and talented young musicians, is finally makes a comeback with a new full length album. The pop rock princess shows she's back and better than ever in "Supersonic", which includes some of her best work yet.

A more in depth look...

"Supersonic" is consistent and stays true to the sound and style of Younha that her fans know and love. Her rock influence is more evident and expanded on here, and it sounds like she's matured and grown into an even better musician. Each song carries her signature pop rock influence, but sets itself apart and has a different feel.

The album opens with the title track "Supersonic", probably the most heavy rock song on the album. From the first track, I was already hooked with the edgy electric guitar riffs and her strong vocals. "Supersonic" is a great pop rock song that boosts a hint of angst that had me captivated.

The album then transitions to "People", which possesses a completely different tone. It's laid back, playful, and even a bit teasing in its delivery and execution, especially when Younha sings "I don't know you".

"Rock Like Stars", featuring rapper Tiger JK, is a rock song with a funky twist. I love how Younha seems to give off attitude through her vocal delivery. A very fun track, and she definitely succeeds in "rocking like a star"!

Next comes the album's lead single "Run", probably my new favorite song by her. "Run" is an upbeat pop song that is uplifting, empowering, and beautiful. Younha simply sounds amazing and the song is not only phenomenal, but so is her vocal delivery. Not only does she show off so much range here, but her vocals along with the music literally give me goosebumps whenever I listen to the song! "Run" is such a powerful and exceedingly gorgeous song, and makes me so proud of Younha. This was her official comeback single, and she just seemed to pour her heart into it with every ounce of passion and love for music inside her.

"No Limit" is a fun and upbeat light pop rock song with a sweeter and thoughtful tone. The feel and sound of the song reminds me of a more mature version of her song "Gossip Boy".

"It Showers" is the first slow song on the album, a touching ballad with Younha's beautiful and moving vocals. The song itself is decent, but her emotion filled vocals pushes it to perfection. Her strong voice is powerful, capable, yet pleasing to the ears instead of grating.

The album continues its slower atmosphere with "Set Me Free". The song is full of intrigue. Though the chorus only consists of her singing "Set Me Free", the way she sings it coupled with the musical composition makes it chilling and empowering.

After "Set Me Free", the album continues the playful and sweet "Cream Source Pasta", which has a midtempo to faster tempo.

Things settle down again with "Wait for Me", which is more calming and serene song that seems to be tinted with slight sadness and melancholy.

Aside from "Run", "Drive" is the album's biggest potential hits. Featuring rapper and singer Jay Park, "Drive" is catchy and radio friendly, but also composed well and meaningful. The sound is dynamic without being too busy by intertwining the song's pop sounds, piano, Jay's rap lines, and Younha's vocals together nicely. I love Younha's line "I'm gonna take control of my life". One of my favorites from the album, and I hope she promotes Drive" to be one of the album's singles.

The album closes beautifully and gently with "Hope", which is dominated by acoustic guitars instead of the electric guitars and drums dominated in the rest of the album's tracks. It is a very sweet and peaceful sounding song, with it's lighter vibe, and even gives off a feeling of hope and thoughtfulness. "Hope" is a gorgeous song. What a perfect way to end the album!

Highlights: Every song on the album is spectacular, but my personal favorites are the lead single "Run", "Supersonic", "Drive", and "Hope".


There is no dull or bad song on this album. Each song sets itself apart. "Supersonic" is a thoroughly fantastic album and is Younha at her best, both vocally and musically.  Here, she sounds grown up yet fresh. She has never sounded so empowering and amazing! There is so much substance and feeling in her voice and music. No other comeback has felt so deserving and strong this year. This is the best album I've heard all year. From the angst tinted rock songs, to the playful pop rock songs, to the stunning ballads, to the sweet and thoughtful ones, "Supersonic" offers a little of everything, showing Younha's versatility and talent as an artist. Besides that, it's just such a great listen and phenomenal album, from it's artist, musical composition and production, the fresh sound, to the overall wonderful execution. The album is a call out to people that Younha is back, and she's here to stay. "Supersonic" is a must listen of the year, whether you're a fan of Younha, pop rock, or just great music in general.

Rating: 5 stars

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