Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Respectable Rookies of 2011: Girl Group Edition

This past year has been flooded with another wave of girl groups. In total, there were over 20 girl groups that debuted in 2011. The massive amount of groups lead to an overwhelmed feeling and disappointing outcome. Their styles were either overused or uninteresting. The vocals were covered in auto-tune and special effects; the live performances lacked energy and power. Worst of all was the lack of proper promotions; many groups simply disappeared after releasing their debut single. This made it hard for fans to get to know the groups and warm up to them. However, when the situation seems dark, there is always a silver lining.  Some groups have managed to shine through the haze. I decided to do this review as a way to wrap up 2011 and to highlight the deserving groups.

Number One: A Pink

A Pink is a seven member girl group that debuted in April of 2011; they are signed under Cube Entertainment. Their fairy-like, innocent, and cute style reflects the image of girl groups in the late 90s. They released their debut song, "I Don't Know," on April 19. At first, I thought A Pink would be another cutesy group that would overdo on aegyo, but after listening to their song my opinion changed for the better. The song had a cute and upbeat sound that showed off their vocals, instead of drowning them out. Cube Entertainment has done well to promote this group. Using the popularity from their boy band Beast, the girls of A Pink gained interest and popularity even before they debut by being in their senior's MV. A Pink is overall a well-rounded group with stable vocal abilities, refreshing style, and energetic dances. This group will definitely become one of the top groups in K-pop in the near future. 

Number 2 : Dal Shabet

Dal Shabet was created by E-Tribe through Happy Face Entertainment. The fact that they were created by E-Tribe, the successful producers of "Gee" and "U-Go-Girl," built up much interest among netizens. Their January 3rd debut make them the first girl group of 2011. It also gives them an advantage in time, to do more promoting than those that debut at the end of the year. So far they have released three singles - "Supa Dupa Diva" (their debut track), "Pink Rocket," and "Bling Bling." Their style is the typical super cute, and girly image. Though sometimes annoying, their songs are catchy.  The bright, colorful, and playful MV make them tolerable to watch and listen to. They are one of the most popular rookie groups of the year, which is why I've added them in this post. Besides that, I'm not too fond of this group, because of their weak vocals, but I don't dislike them either.

Number 3: Brave Girls 

Brave Girls is a five member girl group created by Brave Brother and Brave Entertainment. They debuted on April  8, 2011 with the mini album "The Difference". Before their debut, they gained attention through their cameos in movies. Their style, contrasting the upper two groups, is a tough, sexy, and mature image. I'm particularly hopeful of this group, because of their strong singing and dancing abilities. Their debut track "So Sexy" did not justify their ability as singers, but it did show off their charisma as well as dancing and rapping skills. For their comeback, "Easily", they used a unique reggae themed song as well as MV. My favorite song from them is their Rn'B ballad "Do You Know". The song has a soulful melody as well as moving lyrics that also displays their vocals capabilities. I was impressed by their ability to switch from hip-hop, to Rn'B, to reggae; showing that they have a wide range of genres they can develop. Brave Girls is another girl group that I look forward to see in the future.  I can't wait to see what they will come out with next!

Honorable Mentions:

Besides the top three groups (in my opinion), there are some other groups that are worth mentioning. 

  • There were groups with extremely powerful vocals and great talents, but failed to get noticed. Piggy Dolls are a good example of such a group. The three girls have amazing vocals and soul when they perform. Their stout appearance differentiates them from other girl groups. They're out to prove that you don't have to be something you're not in order to reach your dream.
  • 5 Dolls is another talented group in 2011. They are a sub-unit of the group Co-Ed School. Their leader Soo Mi has previous performing experience being part of disbanded group SeeYa earlier in 2009. Their songs are spunky,upbeat, and fun to listen to. Their talent and charismatic stage presence make them a hard group to beat. 
  • Chocolat, a five member girl group who have raised much interest for being the first bi-racial girl group. Three members of the five have American fathers and Korean mothers. Their debut single "Syndrome" is a catchy and upbeat song, but they have to work on their live performances.
In Conclusion:
Despite all the hustle and bustle in the K-pop industry this year, these girl groups have worked hard and have prevailed in making a name for themselves; I congratulate them. I'm hoping that they will have a bright future and make more great music for us. Happy (late) New Year!

Authors Note:
hese girl groups were chosen by me; therefore they are in my opinion the best rookie groups of 2011. If you don't agree, then feel free to tell me who you favorites are. ^^ 
This is my first post so if I have missed anything, then I'm sorry and will improve next time. I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it. 
Stay tuned for the boy band edition.


  1. Great job on your first post Niki! You're off to a good start and did a lot better than I anticipated with your insight on the bands. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed writing your first real blog post and hope there are many more to come. :) Don't fuss over your posts too much worried they're not good enough. Just keep writing, and you will get better in no time. You already showed a lot of promise and good writing ability here. Overall, it's great to have such a good writing/blogging partner. :D Go Asian Entertainment Experience!

    1. Yay! I'm glad you liked it. For me, I have a serious writing style and a more bubbly and informal style. I think in the future I'll plan it out a bit more, since I did this on short notice so I didn't know what to include and not include. Thanks for the comment! You're an awesome partner too(and now you feel my pain ;D)

    2. I like seeing your two different writing styles. :) Although it's good to plan out, don't plan so much to the point that it becomes a long and tedious process to write a post. I did that before and was very obsessive with each post being absolutely perfect. I still plan and proofread, but have relaxed more on that front. You're welcome. And aw, thanks, I'm an awesome partner! ^__^ Ugh, yes I do.

    3. Thanks ^^
      Yea I'll probably make a list of points I want to include and then write the ideas i think of about the points. I have the most trouble with the Intro and sometimes Conclusion :/
      You are, if it weren't for you I'll be going crazy about this blog and we probably wouldn't have made it this far xD