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Our Little Heaven: Chapter 3

The First Day

Side Note: English conversations will be italicized.

*Beep...Beep...Beep* The alarm clock rings, waking Fala, Niki, and Amy up. It was their first official day of school, so the three of them quickly got out of bed to get ready. After breakfast the three girls decided to walk to school, they didn't want to attract any unnecessary attention.

On the way to school Niki and Amy were chatting happily while Fala was admiring her surrounding. While looking around, she noticed Theo walking on the opposite side of the street. Curious, she examined him for awhile. His uniform seemed too long and baggy for his small, thin frame. *That's right!* she thought *It's Adrian's old uniform* She saw the small "A" on the cuff links and knew it must be her brother's. Adrian loves to personalize his things just to stress the point that not only is he one and only, but also his belongings.

Fala barely recognized him from class, but she remembered seeing him talking to her brother once.
Theo noticed someone looking at him and gave a quick glance in Fala's direction. Which made Fala blush with embarrassment and looked away. Theo, thinking nothing of it looked back ahead. In class Fala and Theo locked eyes again. Fala still feeling embarrassed look down quickly to avoid his eye level. Theo's eyes were narrow and sharp, making Fala feel like she's angered him.

In the hallways Danny and Adrian bumped into each other on their way to class.

"Hey, Ad. you know you sister is pretty cute, why don't you introduce me to her?" Danny said as he makes his way to his friend.

"Sure! How about I arrange a date in your dreams? And don't call me Ad." Adrian said sarcastically with a smile.

"Great! I think I'm free tonight." Danny replied enthusiastically.

"You're better off sticking to your precious Symphony. As for Fala, she's mine." Adrian said.

"Symphony is still shy about our relationship. What do you mean she's yours? Don't tell me you have a crush on your sister. That's messed up." Danny asked

"You're messed up. I meant she's my little sister, so you can keep your hands off her. And is Symphony shy or unaware of your relationship?" Adrian teased.

"Hey! She knows she likes me, she just haven't admit it to herself yet since she's the teacher. And you can't just keep her all to yourself, even if she is your sister. You should introduce her to someone. How about Theo? You say your sister is into playing piano and Theo is a little piano playing maniac. Plus he is so introverted, maybe having a girlfriend would help." Danny said sincerely.

Adrian smiled and looked at him, "You finally said something right! Better Theo than you, at least I know he won't get all grabby. Of course there's a difference between girlfriend and girl friend."

"You call it grabby, I call it showing enthusiasm towards like-minded peers. Don't be so uptight," Danny said wrapping his arms around Adrian's shoulder.

"Yes, I'm uptight and your like-minded peers are monkeys and apes." Adrian said shaking Danny's arm off, he hates to be touched.

"Aren't monkey and apes the same thing?" Danny asked innocently

Adrian gave him a 'did you really ask that?' look and shook his head.

When they entered the classroom a girl came running up to Danny.

"You're here! I thought you were absent again!" the girl whined and pouted, trying to look cute.

"How can I leave my Sarah alone?" Danny said playfully. The girl led Danny to a table where her friends continued to fawn over Danny.

Adrian smirked and continued walking to his desk. He was used to Danny playing around with girls, though he himself, don't quite understand the purpose or benefit in doing so.

Niki watched in annoyance as Danny fooled around. She hated guys who fooled around with girls.

Danny was now being pulled by Sarah towards his desk. While walking backwards Sarah bumped into Niki's desk.

"Excuse me!" Niki growled.

Sarah looked down behind her and said, "Oh, you're excused" in a sarcastic tone.

Niki looked away trying to control her temper. Danny came up and wrapped his arms around Sarah's shoulder and smiled down at Niki, "Come on, lighten up! Everyone is friends here."

Niki stood up, annoyed she said, "I don't know who your friends are, but I am definitely NOT one of them."

With that said she sat back down and crossed her arms.

Fala and Amy looked at each other, they knew that Danny was pushing her a bit too far. But Adrian and Theo, on the other hand, were amused by the sight. No girl had ever refused the "handsome" Danny before.

Sarah broke the silent and said, "It's okay, I'll be you're friend. Just ignore her."

She gave Niki an evil look and walked over to Danny's seat.

About 5 minutes later the bell rang for class. Ms.Yu came in for the English lesson.

"Hello Everyone!" Ms.Yu said smiling brightly.

Danny saw her and straightened up while Sarah scowled.

"Hello Ms.Yu" the class greeted monotonously. Danny pushed Sarah away and she returned to her seat.

"Okay, so today we're going to practice talking and discussing in English! You'll all partner up and have a little discussion with each other. Doesn't that sound fun? You'll be graded on your participation so don't slack off! The topic is...." she paused for dramatic effect and continued again, "Your favorite form of art! Since this is an art school I'm guessing there will be some passionate views! I look forward to tuning into some of your conversations!"

With that said, she started naming off the couples. Danny with Niki, Amy with Adrian, and Fala with Theo.

Niki looked over and saw Danny staring at Ms.Yu dreamily, she made a face and unwillingly started walking towards him.

Amy cringed slightly when she heard her name being called with Adrian's. She would've been fine with anyone, and she meant ANYONE except Adrian. Fala shyly turned back to face Theo, who was sitting behind her. She was still embarrassed from this morning and was nervous to talk to him.

Danny wasn't exactly listening to what Ms.Yu was saying, he was busy admiring her new hairstyle. *She's so pretty and nice. Her hair is up today, she should do that more often it looks so nice. But it looks nice down too! sigh She just looks good in every way! She's perfect!* Niki walked up to Danny and tried to get his attention. After failing at several attempt she got annoyed and slightly mad. She took her notebook, rolled it up into a stick, and whacked Danny in the head. Danny let out a blunt yell at the impact.

"Hey! What was that for?" he yelled.

"For being an idiot! We're supposed to be working on a discussion." Niki said annoyed as she grabbed a chair and sat down.

"Aww did you choose me as your partner?" Danny said teasingly.

"I'd choose talking to the grim reaper than to you any day." She said smiling sarcastically.

 "Now we're supposed to be discussing in English about what our favorite form of art is." Niki continued in a serious tone.

"Okay...um... I like...uhh......guitar....you know?" Danny said struggling to think of the right words.
Niki stared at Danny, confused by his English she took a deep breath and prepared to do most of the talking.

As Niki and Danny were talking (sort of), Adrian and Amy's conversation was heating up. "What do you mean ballet isn't a real sport?" Amy said angrily.

"It is a sport, but I personally don't think it should be one. I mean all you do is spin around in a frilly dress and act pretty don't you? It just shows how vain girls are, even in what they call 'exercise' they have to look pretty." Adrian retorted.

"That's called presence and elegance. Unlike you men who wrestle and hurt each other over a ball. I'd rather look frilly than look like a neanderthal. Besides who's fault is it that made women so vain? Men judge us like we're produce at the market! She's too thin or too fat, too tall or too short! If it weren't for you chauvinist pigs would we have to try so hard?!" Amy was now boiling mad, she stood up to yell at Adrian.

Adrian followed suit and stood up, he stared straight back at Amy.

"It's called expressing your opinion. You don't have to care, but you do, so it's your fault."

"Well what about you and your big ego? You're always worrying about your pride and because of your selfishness women has suffered your oppression for centuries on end. What right do you have to criticize us?!" Amy yelled, her eyes glued on Adrian.

Ms.Yu noticed the rise in tension and came to intervene.
"Alright you guys!" She said as she chuckled nervously.
"Wow, your English are both so good. So serious too! But um... Why don't you guys take a break." Ms.Yu said gently, she went over to Amy trying to coax her. "Let's sit down."
Amy listened and took her seat. For the rest of the day she tried to avoid direct contact with Adrian. Just knowing that he sat behind her was enough to fuel her flames.
Adrian was seething mad, but he was also impressed. He didn't know Amy had so much guts. No one had ever stood up to him like that, even Danny had to back down when he got serious. Now he's even more interested in Amy.

After school, Ms.Yu called Niki aside.

"Hey! Come sit down." Ms Yu said smiling gently.

"Did you want to talk to me about something?" Niki said respectfully, but trying to get to the point.

"Oh, well, I wanted to ask a favor from you. I noticed that you and Danny got along pretty well during the discussion." Ms. Yu replied.

"We did?" Niki asked. "Didn't you see me whacking him every time he tuned out? I wouldn't call that getting along well if I were you," Niki continued.

"Well in Danny's case it is. People are either scared of him or swooned by him." Ms.Yu said truthfully.

Niki gave a slight nod in agreement, then said, "Well what does that have to do with anything?"

"I want you to tutor Danny for me. It's his last year and I really want him to go to college. You're the only one who can keep him focused." Ms.Yu said

"Does it have to be me? I just came and I don't know him that well. You could ask the others. Adrian or ...Sarah." Niki flinched slightly when she said the last name.

"I know you just came, but with your grades there shouldn't be a problem of keeping up. And this will be a good opportunity for you to get to know him. Sarah can never tutor Danny without getting distracted, and I tried asking Adrian before, but even he gave up on him. Niki, you're my last chance, I'm begging you," Ms.Yu said trying to make a cute face in order to convince Niki.

"Alright, I suppose I could try..."Niki said softly as she felt bad for her teacher.

Ms.Yu was delighted and let out a high squeak before she pulled Niki into a hug. Feeling embarrassed by her teacher's enthusiasm Niki pulled away smiling uncomfortably.

Fala and Amy went their separate way home as Fala wanted to stop by the music room. Amy let her be and went ahead, she was still annoyed by Adrian to care about anything else. As Niki started making her way out of school as well, the three girls reflected on their first day. It seemed like there was a lot of commotion and drama already. They were all over whelmed and hoped for the weekend to come quickly.

Author's Note:
This chapter included a bit of  every character.
I really enjoyed writing the dialogue between Adrian and Danny as they tease each other back and forth. Wasn't our teacher smart for pairing up our couples? xD In the next chapter it'll probably be focused on Fala and Theo a bit more. The relationship between Amy and Adrian will gradually get better soon and hopefully they won't be at each other's throats anymore. Stay tuned for next time!

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