Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Song Review: Kary Ng's "告白/Confessions"

Kary's latest single "告白", which translates to "Confessions", perfectly fits into the mainstream type of Cantopop.  It joins the abundant amount of love ballads that have been released in HK for decades, but doesn't fail to impress nevertheless.  It could have sounded generic, but stops itself from doing so as the beautiful and sad melody, as well as Kary's lovely and strong vocals are captivating.

The song opens with Kary singing ever so softly, uttering the words with such heart and emotion.  The lyrics and her singing depict such sadness, pain, and emotion.  The piano and guitar strings contribute to the song's sad yet beautiful composition.  Having started with soft singing, Kary uses more power as she flows into the song's climax.  Yet throughout the whole song, it feels likes she's still holding back, never fully letting her heart out, making the song even more heartbreaking.

Although already quite outstanding, the music video is wonderfully done and evokes even more emotion and beauty out of the song.  If it's one major flaw of most Cantopop music videos, its the low budget and effort.  Some are good, but most fail to be anything special, never mind make the song better than it already is.  Kary's MV tells a story, makes use of different filming locations and shots, and creates such a powerful and emotional feel.  The MV depicts the once happy and loving relationship that has turned sour (from a third party?), and how both are now struggling over themselves, with the emphasis put on the guy's disintegrating mentality and happiness.  It has some beautiful shots, from Kary and her ex-boyfriend standing by the ocean, to their happy memories with each other with the balloons and pictures, and the shots of Kary singing in a deserted location with her dress blowing against the wind.

Kary looks absolutely gorgeous in the video.  This single, from the song itself to the video, shows how she's become such a talented, beautiful, and grown woman.  Despite her age, she has unexpectedly become one of the most talented young female singers in Hong Kong today.  This is a great follow up to her superb album "Myself", and I'm anticipating whatever is to come.  As a loyal Kary fan, I'm so happy to see how far she's come and how much she's grown up.  "Confessions" is such a saddening yet powerful and beautiful song, and definitely one of the most memorable love related ballads in a long time.


  1. Love this song from Kary too. Just found this blog but it's really good. I'm loving all your Canto Pop posts too, I don't see many English language places that really talk about cantopop anymore so it's nice to see.

    1. Thank you! Your comment means a lot. Yes, sadly we are one of only a few sites on the web right now that talk about Cantopop. Thanks for supporting Kary and the blog and continue reading and supporting! :)