Friday, April 6, 2012

Big Bang - "Alive" Album Review

After a year of scandals, lawsuits, and solo works Big Bang is finally back as a group with a brand new start and EP. "Alive" has a variety of styles that all come together and describe the styles of Big Bang. Most of the songs are upbeat with R&B, hip hop, and slight rock influences. The majority of the album lyrics were co-composed by Big Bang's leader G-Dragon and rapper T.O.P. The lyrics of the songs are mostly about the commonly used theme, love. However, the beats and melodies of the songs make them refreshing and gives off the unique style of Big Bang.

Alive - This short intro to the extended play was co-written by G-Dragon, T.O.P., and Teddy Park. The lyrics to this intro is both uplifting and meaningful. Even though it's barely a minute long, it contains more meaning and captures me more than the other songs in this EP. The execution was nice and simple with a steady beat in the background and nice harmonies.

Blue - Blue is Big Bang's title track for this comeback and it's a mid-tempo pop track. Blue is about a past love that was lost and carries a nostalgic feel. The melody is smooth and gentle making it relaxing and easy to listen to. Coupled with catchy lyrics and strong vocals it's one of the best songs in this EP and my personal favorite. The MV consist mostly of headshots of the members, but also included a vague storyline. The members are seen roaming the city in the shadow of this girl. Each member seemed to have a different connection with her. Sparking the idea that she is an image from their past, either their lover or common image of something they had loved. I appreciated the simplicity of the MV, it captured the mood of the song very well.

Fantastic Baby - This song is a fun and upbeat song with a strong club vibe. The lyrics are full of self confidence, empowerment, as well as letting go and having fun. Fantastic Baby successfully shows off Big Bang's confidence and unique style. The MV is fun, quirky and I personally like the different characterization of each of the members.

Bad Boy - Bad Boy has a hip hop/ RnB style to it. This song brings me back to Big Bang's debut days with the grungy street look and simpleness of the song. The lyrics are simply about a guy (or Big Bang) apologizing to a girl for treating her badly. The MV shows the guys walking down the streets of New York courting girls, only to be rejected. I thought that this MV didn't quite fit with the song. Though it gave the song a light and fun feel, the lyrics and scenes in the MV really don't match. The scenes where the members casually try to pick up the girls were, to me, a bit awkward, especially doing so after their dance sequence. However, I really liked the free flow dance routine.

Ain't No Fun - This is another fun club song in the Alive EP. It has a lighter beat than Fantastic Baby, but is still upbeat. The members of Big Bang (especially Taeyang) showed off their wonderful charisma in the live performance.

Love Dust - Love Dust is a light pop track. It has a bit too much autotune for my comfort, but the song is sweet.

Wings (Daesung's Solo) - In this solo song Daesung gets to show off his powerful vocals. At first I expected this song to be a ballad, but it turned out to be a pretty fast paced song. I love how the song switches sounds throughout the song, keeping it refreshing. It first starts out with a soft orchestra coupled with a pop beat, then switches into rock n roll guitar solo.  The arrangements for this song was perhaps the best and most refreshing in the EP.


Big Bang's new "Alive" is a recommendable EP. It packs the style of all members into each song, making everyone of them unique. After knowing Big Bang for a couple of years, my liking for them had gradually lessened. It seemed that these past year or so Big Bang had turned into another overly hyped boy band in the Hallyu Wave. However, after listening to this EP, my interest in them has been renewed. What's more is knowing that G-Dragon and T.O.P. were involved in "Alive" made me develop a new found respect for the both of them. Overall, "Alive" is a great new beginning for Big Bang with new styles mixed in with their old charms.


  1. Girl don't mix up yg's teddy park with teddy riley. Same name different person. And gd and top are since years ago involved in bb album producing...

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