Sunday, April 15, 2012

Song Review: G.E.M.'s "Someday I'll Fly"

After taking a 1 1/2 year concert break, G.E.M. finally makes a comeback with "Someday I'll Fly".  As one of the best marketed and promising young singers in Hong Kong, this song and music video was definitely something that was highly anticipated.

"Someday I'll Fly" has a simple composition and meaning, but is executed beautifully.  The song is very inspiring and uplifting.  With her signature incorporation of English lyrics and Western pop elements, she once again brings her own style to Cantopop.  

There was a lot of hype and promotion before the release of the MV, which was pushed back several times.  In terms of having a simple enough plot that also compliments the song, the music video for "Someday I'll Fly" is G.E.M.'s best yet.  A lot of effort was put in it, from G.E.M. shaving the side of her head to fully execute the feel of the video and learning ballet for three months prior to filming to achieve realism.  The directing in the video is great, from G.E.M. throwing her ballet slippers at her ex-lover.  The shot of her standing on top of the mountain and slowly falling then flying is also beautiful.  

Overall, "Someday I'll Fly" is a powerful and wonderful song accompanied by a great music video.  I am so happy to have G.E.M. back, and can't wait to hear more new music from her!


  1. love this song

    1. Good to see another G.E.M. fan around here. :)