Thursday, April 5, 2012

Song Review: Fiona Sit's "All You Need is Me" Feat. Khalil Fong

Fiona Sit returns with her new single "All You Need is Me", which was just released two days ago.  Making a guest appearance is Hong Kong's "Soulboy" Khalil Fong, Sit's real life good friend.  I love Khalil, and find the two's friendship very sweet and adorable.  As a result, seeing the two collaborate on a song again was a treat.

In "All You Need is Me" are two things you rarely see in a Cantopop song: a dance feel, and Khalil rapping.  The song has a very Western feel with its dance beat and techno influence.  There is definitely a club feel to it as well.  I wasn't fond of the song the first time around, but after repeated listens, it's really growing on me.  The sound is refreshing for Hong Kong music.

Everything about Khalil Fong here is different.  Known for his simplistic and casual sense of style, it's interesting to see him dressed in a flamboyant fashion, what with his gelled hair, sunglasses, and eye catching suit.  In fact, I wouldn't have recognized him if I didn't see his name beforehand!  Then he opens his mouth, and you know it's him.  His rapping was very fun, cheeky, and complimented the song well.

The music video is an interesting sight.  It has a very glamorous feel, and I like how it switches between the black and white color tone to the colorful sets.  It is a little too flamboyant for my taste, but it's nice to see Hong Kong putting more effort into creating an eye catching video instead of one that looked like it had next to no budget.  However, I think it could've done without the creepy scene at the end where Fiona was eating the cake.  Overall, one of the better videos I've seen in a while.

Fiona is a Westernized girl, and it's reflected in this song and music video.   Her vocals are decent and the beat is very catchy and upbeat.  I'm not a huge fan of dance music, but this song really grows on you.  It also marks another great collaboration between Fiona and Khalil.  It will be fun to see these two perform this song live!

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