Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kelvin Kwan - "Occupation" Song Review

After a successful comeback in 2010 with the album "Here I Am", Kelvin Kwan returns to the music scene with "Occupation", a 2 CD album consisting of his new and best selection.  The first single and title track "Occupation/佔領", featuring rapper MastaMic, reveals a grown up Kelvin with a different musical style.

For "Occupation", Kelvin abandons the typical Cantonese pop style and combines hard rock with rap.  The stye is very Linkin Park like, a refreshing sound for both Kelvin as well as the Hong Kong music industry.  Instead of singing about love, he takes on more political and societal themes by singing about last year's Occupy Wall Street and government's control over society.

While his voice is very fitting for slow and love songs, I'm glad Kelvin is going beyond that and experimenting with different musical styles.  "Occupation" is a fantastic song that reflects a theme and level of intensity not usually seen in mainstream Cantonese music.  Kelvin may have started off as the typical Cantopop singer, but has greatly matured and with this song along with his recent material, he's setting himself apart and proving to be one of the brightest and most refreshing young singers in Hong Kong today.


  1. Ah I love your review Iris! I read an article and Kelvin said, 希望年尾可以再出多一張唱片 .. He would like to release another album at the end of this year! ^_^

  2. Thanks, sugar! That's great news! We're still early in the year, hope he can release another album then. :)