Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kelvin Kwan releases official MV for "People of My Generation/我這一代人" (MV Review)

After about a month's wait, Kelvin Kwan has finally released the official MV for "People of My Generation/我這一代人".  Before covering the official MV though, here's the unofficial MV released a month ago and a short critique:

Directed by Kelvin himself, the video is simplistic and raw.  There is not much but the lyrics flashing across the screen, shots of Hong Kong in chaos, and a quick close up of Kelvin at the end.  And yet, that was all was needed.  It manages to evoke so much emotion and be so powerful with minimal effects.

And now to finally unveil the official MV...

I was hesitant on how the official MV would turn out, as I was fond of the  concept of the previously released MV.  It turns out that the original lyrical concept was kept, but intercut with scenes of Kelvin that are fantastically shot.  The shots of him driving, staring out into the horizon, and running backward show great cinematography not usually seen in music videos while remaining powerful.  The ending where he jumps off the building, and the screen fades to black to show a single period is haunting and wraps everything up well.  Overall, the official MV retains the simplicity and rawness, but incorporates additional well shot footage to create a powerful end product.  Kelvin continues to release great material!


  1. I wasn't expecting the ending of the mv to be like that >.< I think it's nice he's had decent MVs for his recent songs. I think my favourite mv out of all the new/recent MVs would be the mv for 'Occupation'. : ) Even though MastaMic hasn't performed with Kelvin before on stage live, it's nice that he was in the MV.

    1. I wasn't expecting the end to be like that either, but it leaves an impact. Yeah, his MVs are more on the better side as most Cantopop MVs can be quite bland. I wish Kelvin would try rapping MastaMic's part when singing "Occupation" live! Would be great to see him rap again, I think he could pull it off. It's weird just leaving the rap part out without even letting the audio track play.