Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Album Review: SISTAR's "Alone" EP

SISTAR's latest EP "Alone" continues on from the sleek and classy vibe of the title single, resulting in a consistent yet enjoyable album listen.

The EP opens with "Come Closer". This short intro is just a minute long, but sets the tone for the rest of the album very well. It does its job: it intrigues you and makes you want to hear more. A very stylish and slightly mysterious minute of musical glory.

Next comes title single "Alone", which you can read into detail about here. In brief, it is sleek, classy, and exhibits great musical production and distinction.

From there, the album continues a style similar and consistent from "Alone", but the girls feel more warm and friendly, as opposed to the sexy aloofness of the title track.

"No Mercy" is a catchy club track with great beats. It's not outstanding, but a lot of fun and makes you want to get up and dance. However, I'd say it's the least memorable song on the album.

After is "Lead Me", probably the sleekest and best produced song on the album. The sound is just so smooth and pleasant! The girls sound mature yet sweet and endearing. The raps are intertwined nicely into the song as opposed to sticking out. Definitely the shining star of the album.

"Girls on Top" isn't a fantastic track, but one I am particularly fond of. I simply love the empowering feel, especially during the chorus. It yells "Girl power!" without being too in your face. Instead, it's just a fun, upbeat, and slightly empowering song.

The already strong album closes with "I Choose to Love You", a solo song sung by the lovely lead singer Hyorin. The song is so sweet and pretty, and shows Hyorin vocals and charm. Her sweet vocals create a romantic feel for the song.

With this EP, SISTAR gives off the misconception they've been around longer than they've really been with their mature, sleek, yet fun sound. They prove they have what it takes to rise above the rest. Their style is familiar, yet creative and distinctive. The songs create great consistency, but are all still unique in their own way. There is no particular "bad" track of the album, and it all flows well from the intriguing intro to the closing track solo. SISTAR, well done, ladies!

Rating: 4 Stars


Author's Note: This review comes late, I apologize (is this all Niki and I wrote in the author's note now?). One of my loyal readers and friends Krystal had recommended it to me shortly after it came out, and I didn't get to listen to it until a month later. Surely enough though, I loved this EP. Looks like I finally have another girl group besides Miss A that I like!

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