Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Song Review: Khalil Fong's "BB88"

And Khalil Fong is FINALLY back with a new song and MV!  His latest plug "BB88" was uploaded by himself this morning, and I'm taking a break from studying from my finals to review this song ASAP.

For "BB88", Khalil keeps things fresh and interesting by composing a song that retains his signature R&B style and soulful voice but is fun, upbeat, and catchy.  As much as I love Khalil's mellow music, this funky tune is refreshing and contains great hooks.  Parts of the song remind me of Cee Lo Green's "Forget You" as both possess the slightly funky and upbeat yet soulful feel.  This song has not got out of my head since I first listened to it this morning and has been on repeat.

Already a song that puts a smile on your face, the MV proves to be even more entertaining.  The video finds Khalil running away from several violent and oddly costumed girls, presumably caricatures of his ex-girlfriends in an abandoned warehouse.  The colorful clothes, from Khalil's baby blue suit to the girl's get ups create an eyecatching contrast to the video's setting.  It ends with him meeting up with another girl (newcomer Diana Wong) in an old boxing ring, and the two engage in an amusing pillow fight. Fans of Khalil's "adorkable" charm will be pleased, as he is cuter than ever here with his action choreography and facial expressions.  The MV is a bit odd, but extremely entertaining, vibrant and matches with the playful feel of the song.

It's great to have one of Asia's most talented musicians back!  "BB88" is a fantastic song that makes you smile and want to move!  Can't wait to hear more new material, Soul Boy!


  1. looooooveeeeeeeeee this song! Khalil is such a talented artist. well done! well done! - Sara from Australia

    1. Anonymous - I love this song too! He is definitely one of the most talented, if not the most talented artist in Asia. :D