Monday, June 18, 2012

Song Review: Dear Jane's "Let's Just Do It"

Things have only looked brighter for rock band Dear Jane since getting signed to Warner. The talented rockers started off the year strong with the commercially successful "Yellow Fever", and now continue their stride with "Let's Just Do It".

For the song's composition, I have many praises, but one major complaint.  It would've sounded nice if they had used a small amount of autotune to build up to and transition from the chorus and create a cool effect, but overlaying lead singer Tim's vocals with autotune through out the whole verses was too much.  However, the simple yet very catchy punk rock infused chorus is enough for me to overlook my criticisms of the verses.  Making another welcome appearance is a dubstep breakdown similar to the one in "Yellow Fever", but still very distinctive with its video game like sound effects and heavy instruments.  I love the dubstep breakdown they've used for the last two singles, but hoping it doesn't become a regular thing in their new music because it'll eventually get repetitive and tired out.

The music video is very simple yet stylish.  The guys all look handsome in suits while performing in a room with smoke around them.  The video goes with a consistent yet classy theme by having the video filmed in black and white, with occasional flashes of fuchsia in between cuts for an appropriate bursts of color.  In general, the video manages to neither be too much or too little.  I love the sleekness of the end product.

The song's meaning is simple: If you want to do something, just do it. Don't stand around contemplating the action, because by then it could be too late.  "Let's Just Do It" has flaws, but makes the best of simplicity and style.  Once again, great job!

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