Monday, June 11, 2012

Song Review: A Pink's "Hush"

A pink makes a comeback on May 9th with their new album "Une Annee." This album has a total of nine songs: "Une Anne," "Hush" (their title song), "Boy," "Bubibu," "Step," "I Got You," "Cat," "April 19," and "Up to the sky" (ft. Yong Jun Hyung.)

The Song:
The title song "Hush" is a refreshing and energetic song with an upbeat melody. I really like the lyrics of it. This song is about a person that dreams about being with someone they like, but they are too shy and afraid to confess their feelings. When I first heard the song it didn't really catch on to me. Don't get me wrong, I do like A Pink's music, but this song felt different to me. Then I listened to it again and this time however I liked it. The very day I heard this song it was stuck in my head. 


The MV:
The MV starts out with the seven girls in identical outfits and throughout the song they carry on their own solo parts with their cute and bubbly personalities. They make cute faces and a hush sign with their finger over their mouth, they also wink a lot (like every five seconds). I love their creative and flirty dance moves. This MV reminds me of SNSD's "Oh!"

Author's note:
I personally love this song. My favorite song from them is "My My" which is in their album "Snow pink" even though this isn't my favorite song from A pink it's still catchy. ^^
"Hush Hush Hush Hush"


  1. Hi Pinki xD,
    I'll just comment instead of adding to the real post this time. A Pink had surprised me when they came out with this comeback, because I was expecting their usual shy and innocent image. I have to say I preferred their other images to this one, since it came off as a bit awkward to me. It's a more flirty image, but not to the point where it's sexy. It's also cute, but the set of the MV has more of a club and disco vibe than a girly vibe (besides the pink >.>). So it's kind of an awkward mix of club and cute...I also thought that the "hush hush hush" sounded a bit annoying and childish. It was like half singing and half talking in a high pitched voice. Also, when I read about the concept of the song earlier, I expected something more confident, not cuteness overload... The song is catchy to a point, but is one of those songs that would get quickly annoying to me after the "ear worm" phase. I definitely miss A Pink's earlier sounds, especially "Don't Know". Overall, "Hush" is their weakest song yea (vocal wise, dance wise, and image wise). Hopefully you guys don't think I'm hating on the girls because I'm not. I still think of A Pink as one of the more favorable rookie groups and I think they do have a good amount of potential. there's my rant...sorry for writing so much.

    1. Also, Thank you Pinki! You're really our only guest writer.