Saturday, June 16, 2012

Song Review: Younha's "Would We Have Changed" Featuring John Park

Before Younha's 4th album "Supersonic" releases on June 28th (mark your calendars people!), people get to finally hear new material.  Younha has pre-released her duet "Would You Have Changed" with John Park from the upcoming album, and it is a fantastic collaboration.

"Would You Have Changed" is stunning, and what I call quality music.  The sound is so beautiful and moving, and the vocals are strong and powerful.  I love how they chose to go with such an uplifting feel despite the bittersweet lyrics speaking of a missed old relationship as opposed to the typical ballad, as it makes the song even more special, memorable, and moving.  John Park sounds soothing and sweet, but it is Younha who shines with her range and high/low notes.  The two compliment each other very well.  This song is just amazing.  The best collaboration of the year!

There is no other singer right there who deserves this comeback more than Younha.  This is just the start of a comeback that will have everyone fascinated and on the edge of their seats.

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