Monday, June 4, 2012

Khalil Fong and Fiona Sit Perform on RTHK's "Music On the Move"

Close friends and WarnerHK label mates Khalil Fong and Fiona Sit performed and were interviewed on RTHK's "Music on the Move" on June 2nd.  The performances were exceptionally enjoyable due to the simplicity and raw feel.  The lighting and candles also created a wonderful atmosphere.

For her live performance, Fiona sang her song "甜蜜蜜/Sweet Honey" as Khalil played guitar for her in the background.

Fiona's live singing has improved so much!  She sounds very sweet here and had good voice control.   The high notes were done well too.  I love how Khalil is such a down to earth and nice person with a passion for music that he's willing to do something as simple as play guitar to another singer.  The friendship between the two is too cute!

Of course, Khalil was able to take center stage too, and performed two songs. He performed a short cover of Stevie Wonder's song "Lately".  Along with singing, he also played a piano accompaniment.  His performance was near flawless, as his voice was controlled yet so soulful and soothing.  

In addition, Khalil sang his hit "好不容易/Finally", from the successful album "15".  It was short, sweet, and simple.  With so much talent and soul, Khalil does not need more than just a guitar or piano and his voice to impress!

Great performances from both Khalil and Fiona.  I hope to see them perform together again in the future.  I would've loved to see them perform "All You Need is Me" and for Fiona to finally sing "Better Me" live, but it wouldn't fit the mellow and relaxed atmosphere they had going.  Soon please?

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